AGSO Meeting 9/15/2017

Invite Bioarchaeologist Ventura Perez to speak to Anthropology Department
>Ask to focus on community interaction and experience with racism through research.
>$250 in budget to bring in speaker

Consider using AGSO funds to purchase business cards for graduate students
> Cards are cheap and would assist students with networking at conferences

Grad school panel and social next Wednesday, 9/20
> Starts at 5:30 pm
> Share advice to undergrads about future and different paths to graduate school.

>Murder Mystery Potluck scheduled for Oct. 18th at 5:30 p.m., Graduate and Undergraduate mixer.

Faculty and Graduate Communication
> Discuss concerns about status of Teaching Assistantships
> Collect experiences from Anthropology students regarding Teaching Assistantships
> Continue to promote AGSO selected speakers

Printing limitations
> Printer only open from 9 – 5 pm
> Department needs to communicate about available printing resources to students

>$152 max to allocate for food, can all be used for Goat-Roast.
> Need to be more aggressive about asking people to sign up for food dishes
> Pass information around during Prosem
> Ask Russel if he would be alright with hosting again
> Date during away football game weekend, possibly Nov. 11th
> A good idea might be to have a volunteer opportunity leading into goat roast
> Acknowledge veterans, considering it will be Veterans day
> Ask individuals to help clean-up after

Create a group/schedule for activities with graduate students
> Search for hiking locations
> Take a few minutes at beginning of Prosem to discuss AGSO events

Memorial space to Ashley Block
> What do we want in space?
> Pictures, possible research poster from Ashley
> Space to write about memories/stories



AGSO Meeting 8/28/2017

New Officers for 2017-2018
President – Shelly Biesel
Vice President – Christina Lee
Treasurer – Emily Ramsey
Secretary – Jon Micon
Student-Faculty Representative: Christina Crespo
GSA Representative – N/A
Mentor Program Coordinator – Samm Holder

>  Sam will send out official emails for mentoring program
>  Send out message to undergraduate and graduate students to match up interests
 > Main goal: be there for undergrads to help with path after graduation

Grad/Undergrad Mixer
 > Start out with panel discussion
 > Undergrads will send what they want out of the meeting (last year talking informally  about our interests)
 > Undergraduate students interested in Halloween Potluck on October 18th – “Murder mystery” theme.
 > Want to include graduate students
 > Undergraduate organization meeting Wednesdays at 5? Maybe
 >  Thought about including a service activity, maybe a clean-up?

Emily- Treasurer
 > Susan and Shelly applied for AGSO funds, applied for $2000, not sure how much we will receive
 > Possibly sell t-shirts to raise money for events (goat roast) maybe for 5$
 > Need to plan out how we are going to spend money in advance rather than decide all at once.

 > Create survey about graduate student experience to receive input that AGSO can use to meet student needs
 > Ask for more diversity on class topics
 > Make suggestions rather than critique (need courses on gender, race, class, etc..)

Course Improvements
 > Better mechanism for creating courses themselves, rather than just looking at listserve, too informal
 > May be able to get more courses if we can coordinate with other students/professors.
 > Need to communicate and plan courses earlier in advance
 > Many other departments have courses listed on website, need to advertise better to undergraduate students
 > Possibly putting together a poster in which different professors contribute, focus on interests
 > Center on ICON students who should be taking Anthropology courses

Ashley Memorial
 > Find a way to allocate a corner/quiet space dedicated to Ashley Block in place of picture in the hallway.
 > Talk to Susan about finding space (maybe graduate computer lab?)

Social Media/ Informal Activities
 > Need more opportunities for graduate students to meet up informally
 > Weekly hiking trips? not huge time commitment.
 >  Create a Google calendar to discuss upcoming events and activities

Update AGSO Website
 > Organize a collective Grad-Undergrad information component for web page discussing everything you need to do/ useful resources.
 > Divide responsibilities for posting to site.

Scheduling Meetings
 > Meet every other week, lots of ambitious activities.
 > 9:15 to 10 am on Fridays – instead of Mondays
 > Announce in advance when the meetings are to department
 > Next meeting Sept. 15, 9:15 to 10am

Faculty Meeting Minutes (March 2017)

  • Graduate Committee
    • Presented the number of offers sent to prospective students for Fall 2017 and the number that have accepted the offers so far
  • Departmental Learning Outcomes
    • Graduate students
      • Ask your advisor if you are curious about the department’s official learning outcomes!
      • Estimated times to completion of benchmarks like comprehensive exams and prospectus defenses were discussed as well as ways to improve upon these (if necessary)
      • In the last five years:
        • Our average time to completion for doctoral students is above the national average (approx. 40% of our students graduated within six years)
        • 57 student authored papers were submitted and published in peer reviewed journals
        • Students have been granted approx. 950,000 dollars in funding
        • Employment success over the last five years has yet to be determined
        • (we’re doing well! Congratulate yourselves)
      • Undergraduate learning outcomes were also discussed
    • LACSI Hire
      • A decision has been made
      • The outcome of the job search will be announced soon
    • Double Dog Program (this may be of interest to graduate mentors)
      • There is a system in place at the university were select undergraduates may earn a master’s degree
        • Select undergraduates may take certain graduate-level courses in their fourth and fifth years in order to earn a master of arts or sciences
      • Decisions to participate in Double Dog are made at the departmental level
      • Anthro has not decided whether it will participate yet, so if you’re going to tell an undergrad about the program make sure you are clear on this. Also, make sure you let them know that this does NOT mean a master’s program may be coming back to Anthro. These are discussions the department must take up in the future.
      • I only mention this here as some of our undergraduates are dual majors and this may be a choice for them in the future or in their other home department

Faculty Meeting Minutes (Feb. 2017)

  1. Anti-harassment, discrimination, and inclusivity
    1. The university is currently bringing together data on anti-harassment, discrimination, and inclusivity from across the university.
    2. It is being forwarded as part of an effort to better understand these issues university-wide.
    3. Discussions regarding beneficial ways to integrate and use this data are ongoing.
  2. News from the Laboratory of Archaeology
    1. The move to the new archaeology lab facilities will begin sometime this spring/summer (between April and June).
    2. Archaeological collections from recent excavations on St. Catherines Island have been donated to the Laboratory of Archaeology for permanent curation.
    3. In recognition of the donation, Dr. David Hurst Thomas of the American Museum of Natural History will be speaking at the Special Collections Library on Tuesday, April 11th at 3:30pm.
  3. New undergraduate course offerings
    1. The department is currently reviewing undergraduate course offerings to better suit the needs of undergraduate students.
    2. The possibility of new certificates for cultural and biological anthropology were also discussed.
    3. Graduate student mentors and TAs: let the undergraduates know that new courses designed to fulfill a greater range of degree requirements and new certificates may be available soon!
  4. LACSI job search
    1. The job search for a joint hire with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI) continues.
    2. Applicants through the Anthropology Department will with be giving job talks in the department this month.


Faculty Meeting Minutes 11/30/16

2nd Faculty Meeting (11/30/16)

Fall 2016

  1. Our department has an awesome new office manager! Her name is Maryland Rodriguez.
    1. Introduce yourself!
  2. The Anthro. Dept’s. new website is up and running!
    1. IMPORTANT: with the new web-page, faculty and graduate students have the ability to manage and alter their personal pages!
      1.                                                      Instructions to edit your personal information:
        1.  Go to the Anthro home page
        2. Scroll down until you see the “for faculty and staff” tab to the right. Click on it.
        3. To the right you should see a “Site Login” tab. Click on it.
        4. In the body of the page click on “Click here to log into the Anthropology website”
        5. Enter your UGA ID and sign in.
        6. You will see an “edit” tab just below your UGA ID. DO NOT CLICK ON IT (this only edits your profile, not your content on the webpage)
        7. Click on “people” just above your UGA ID
        8. Find your name and click on your name (NOT YOUR PICTURE).
        9. You should see “View” and “Edit” tabs below your UGA ID. The “Edit” tab will allow you to edit your content.
    2. If you have any issues, Ryan and Deb are now webmasters and they can assist you with any issues
  3. Ashley Block Fund
    1. The department is progressing with its plans for an Ashley Block fund (an informational poster has been put up in the department’s display case by the stairs).
    2. More info. Will be available by the beginning of Spring Semester
  4. University Council
    1. The university is talking about switching to a 14 to 15-week semester instead of the current 16 weeks.
  5. Departmental enrollment
    1. The department is continuing to look into new ways to increase student enrollment
  6. Grad. committee
    1. Graduate student progress letters for this year will be going out soon
    2. The graduate committee is impressed with the graduate student body in general
  7. Master degree in CRM and Archaeological Sci (online)
    1. The department is continuing to work on setting up an online master degree in archaeological science
    2. A plan has been put forward and is on the Dean’s desk…we should hear about it soon.
  8. Possible new joint hire for assistant professor
    1. The department is looking at prospective candidates for a joint hire with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute
      1.    This new hire will be for an assistant prof. position

AGSO Meeting: 10.3.2016

goatroast2016draftItem 1: Goat Roast Date Change

  • Goat roast has been changed to November 5th, and will be held at Russell’s house:
    • 1350 Spring Valley Road (at the 4-way stop of Athena Road and Spring Valley)
  • Still to-do:
    • Create a list of things we need for the goat roast (-done, Shelly)
    • Secure port-a-pot reservation
    • Purchase goat-Ed has experience in the past

Item 2: Undergraduate outreach

  • Away game watch party will be canceled. We will invite undergraduates to the Chili Cookoff instead.

Item 3: Websites

  • UGA Anthropology website is indefinitely down, AGSO will fill in this gap by creating grad student and lab bios for webpage.
  • Content of website should be more useful for students: have guest blogs about comps advice, links to grant resources, important requirements, etc.
  • Shelly will create dropbox that people can fill with content for the AGSO website
  • We need a page honoring Ashley and her research.
  • Travis’s lab is making flyers for courses that will be offered next year to attract more students.

Other Items: 

  • We are now able to take between 40 and 45 hours of 8500 courses
  • Possibly find a corkboard for AGSO in the department
  • We need to work with faculty to facilitate ways to make it easier to know what courses are coming up, and ensure these courses are meeting the needs of contemporary anthropology.


First Meeting of the Fall 2016 Semester: 09.12.2016

Welcome back everyone! Here are our meeting notes from the first meeting of the Fall 2016 Semester, held at 9am on 09-12-2016.

New Officers:

  • April Smith-President
  • John Hallemeier-Vice President
  • Edgar Alarcon -Treasurer
  • Samm Holder-Student Mentor Program Coordinator
  • Ashley Block-Anthropology Graduate Student Representative to GPSA
  • Travis Jones-Student Faculty Representative
  • Shelly Biesel-Secretary

Item 1: Budget

  • $763 dollars.
  • Money constraints.
  • Guest speakers? We need to pay for their travel/hotel.
  • Could we piggy back on a speaker that is already coming?
  • Biological anthropologist at University of West Georgia?
  • Decision to be made in the future.

Item 2: Event planning

Goat Roast

  • Location?  Pete offered his location, suggested a pig roast.
  • We need to talk to Pete about dates.
  • Possible date October 8th.
  • AGSO pays for the meat… but other stuff is donated.
  • Things we need:
    •             Perfect potluck-way for people to sign up for things to bring- Ashley
    •             Cutlery/plates/cups
    •             4 Signs (florescent)
    •             Tables/chairs-Travis and Ed
    •             Entertainment-Jon
    •             Firewood-April going to ask Pete.
    •             Port-a-potty-Travis
    •             Big cooler + ice*
    •             Lanterns/torches.
    •             Flyer-Shelly

Winter Party

  • Chili cookoff, towards the end of semester, on reading day before finals.
  • Tentative date Tuesday, December 6th.

Other items:

  • April: We need to create an AGSO handbook
    • How to renew AGSO’s charter/how to get money/officer roles, etc./formal outlines for grievance process.
  • Jon: Grievance process-maybe we just need a process by which AGSO can represent student concerns to the faculty.
    •  Like having exit interviews.
    •  Survey/questionnaire reviewing the department
  •  Sam: Service component
    • Educational component, having a career day where we go to  a grade school and talk about anthropology.
    • Or clean-up service-Keep Athens Beautiful?
  • Shelly: Website-rehab.
  • Travis: Master calendar for the department, Google calendar can be added to website.