AGSO Meeting Minutes for 3/5/2018

AGSO Meeting Minutes
Travel Grant
-Travel grant to attend a conference
-10% of AGSO budget ($75)
-Due Date?
-End of March is most convenient
-To be impartial to applicants, have professors look over applications

Remainder of AGSO budget
-Get more SWAG
– Shirts, Hats, Bags
– Survey for design on items (Include more representation of cultural and biological anthropology)
Ashley Space
-When do we want to move furniture to excess storage?
-Find someone with truck to help
-Keep in communication about moving event
Faculty Notes
-Pass along flyers to advertise undergrad anthropology classes
-Next prosem should be a good time to hand out flyers
-Susan is in the process of organizing a town hall between grad and faculty
-Steve has offered extensive journal collections for Ashley space
-Anthropology undergraduate requirements are changing so that undergraduate students must take course within the department to complete degree.



Meeting Minutes for 1/19/2018

Faculty Retreat
• Increased Graduate Student involvement in department
• Get advertisements for courses out earlier, possibly make flyers to increase undergraduate enrollment
• Make guidelines for graduate student teachings of courses (Students of records)
• Opportunity to build teaching portfolios

Ashley Space
• Need to purchase furniture
• Meet at 5pm on Tuesday, January 30th in Computer Lab

World Anthropology Day
• Meeting Monday, January 21 @ 4 pm in Dr. Birch’s Office
• More to report after meeting

Shirt Fundraising
• Sell shirts
• $15 for faculty
• $5 for students (Graduate & Undergraduate)
• Could possibly use Venmo or Google doc to collect orders and money.

Remaining Funds
• Possibly use in Travel Fund, $100
• Use for travel to presentations
• Ask for basic information (Title, abstract, location, other funding, why me?)
• Guest Speaker? 100$
• SAAS/AGSO event?
• Business Cards?

Next Meeting
Tuesday, January 30th 5pm
Meet in G30 Graduate Computer Lab to help put together Ashley’s Memorial Space

AGSO Meeting Minutes 11/6/2017

Goat Roast
Starts at 4pm, people usually arrive later (around 5 – 7).
See if we can get two goats for less than $150.
Sell AGSO t-shirts for 5 dollars each
Possibly sell to people at football games
Send out email reminding department about event and ask for volunteers.
Encourage people to bring water, chairs, and camp materials if spending the night.

Pete wants 4 – 5 people
Starts at noon
Christina will be in contact with Pete about set-up while Pete is away.

Faculty Meeting
November 15th
More updates following meeting

Graduate Survey
Send out week after Goat Roast
Use Qualtrics to construct survey

AGSO Meeting 10/20/2017

• Send Margie email about getting goat for the roast
• Send around Potluck sign-up sheet next week
• Rental of portable toilets for roast
• New Department head search – meeting next November
Murder Mystery
• Great success!
• No upcoming events with SAAS in remainder of semester
• Except upcoming events in Spring
Bram Winter Party
• Wants to host chili cook off
• Email Bram about possible date
Ashley Memorial Space
• G35 is not available
• Can move forward with space, possibly check an overstock room
• Samm is going to meet with a faculty person to help locate a room
• Shelly has photos to contribute
Survey to Graduate Students
• Christina can take the lead with asking faculty
• Focus on access to printing/meeting space
• Access to information about available classes
• Have people prioritize qualms
• Options for funding
• Announce survey during a well populated Pro-seminar
• Include variables such as sub-field, maybe year?

Goat Roast
• Need volunteers, include with potluck sign-up in Proseminar
• Held on November 11th

Faculty Meeting Minutes-October 11, 2017

Call to Order

A monthly faculty meeting of the Department of Anthropology was held on October 11, 2017.



  • Continued work revising the Bulletin
  • Undergraduate program is being evaluated for the purpose of better serving students
  • Annual evaluation will be released by the end of October

 Old Business:

  • Waived for this meeting
  • Thank you to the self-study committee
    • Interviews will be conducted with faculty and students
    • Preliminary report by December
    • Final report in April

New Business

  • Introduction of the Dean
  • Instructions for Department Head search
  • Discussion
    • The entire anthropology faculty constitutes the search committee
    • A faculty member outside of the department will serve as chair
    • A vote will take place at the next faculty meeting in November

Faculty Meeting Minutes- September 20, 2017

Call to Order

A monthly faculty meeting of the Department of Anthropology was held on September 20, 2017.


  • The department has a new vehicle available
  • Updated funding cards for Ashley


  • Graduate program:
    • Quality of our program being about job placement/grad activities
    • Professional development: emphasis on grants and methods
  • Double Dawg program
  • Annual review of grad students will be done in mid-October
  • Website is being updated

Old Business:

  1. Updating the Bulletin: Draft of text about the program and removal of untaught
  2. PRAC- Self-study for UGA academic program review (2017-2018)

New Business

  • Dean will visit next meeting to discuss new department headship
  • Quotas on the copies were discussed for faculty and graduate students
  • stifling her ability on teaching- increase limits or not have them
    • Grad students are abusing the copier (it’s all our fault)
    • Raised printing concerns from the graduate student end
    • Photocopying was discussed
    • AGSO clarification of printing


AGSO MEETING 9/29/2017

Goat Roast
• Pete agreed to host goat roast
• Pete is leaving on November 22nd, need to get an earlier date for goat roast.
• Ed cooking the goat, but needs two helpers
• Suggest November 4th as a possible date.
• Need to make signs
• Have people bring sides, not just desserts
Christina’s Faculty Meeting Update
• Make sure to notify department of grants/research
• Department has agreed to update course bulletin
• Notified faculty about printing concerns for graduate students, need to present department with a useful solution so that all graduate students have access to printing materials.
• AGSO needs to find a means to communicate more clearly with faculty
• Ideas presented for seminar and methods on race
• More individuals need to be available to take seminar in addition to methods.
• More information on courses to come in future.