ARTICLE I: The Name of this Organization shall be the Anthropology Graduate Student Organization.

ARTICLE II: The Purpose of this Organization is to organize social and academic events to benefit the graduate students of the, Department of Anthropology at the University of Georgia. This includes making appropriations decisions, planning and organizing decisions, and other duties necessary to carry on the Organization’s business.

ARTICLE III: Membership

a) Membership in the group is restricted to regularly enrolled graduate students in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Georgia.
b) Membership will be denied to no person based on his or her age, sex, race, religion, handicap, national origin, or sexual orientation.
c) A special category of membership shall be created. Any graduate student otherwise qualified for membership who for whatever reason is not living within fifty miles of Athens, Georgia, or who is not attending classes or participating in on-campus activities, shall be classified a provisional member.

1) A provisional member has all the rights a regular member has, but will not be counted in the Organization’s total membership for the purposes of determining whether a vote meets a minimum 1/2 or 2/3 vote.

ARTICLE IV: No dues are necessary for membership in the group.

ARTICLE V: Election of officers

a) Officers shall be elected to one year terms.
b) Vacancies occurring during a term of service shall be filled by general election.
c) The Organizational Officers shall be:

  1. President, whose duties include calling and chairing meetings of the Organization;
  2. Vice-President, whose duties include organizing social events and filling for the president;
  3. Treasurer/Fund Raiser, whose duties include overseeing the Organization’s financial matters, as well as organizing and carrying out fund raising efforts;
  4. Secretary, whose duties include recording the minutes of each meeting and managing correspondences sent out or received;
  5. Faculty-Student Representative, responsible for attending faculty meetings to represent the views and concerns of graduate students.
  6. GSA Representative, who is responsible for attending Graduate Student Association meetings to represent the views of AGSO and for reporting back to AGSO members decisions made at the GSA meetings.
  7. Mentor Program Coordinator, who is responsible for organizing Mentor Program activities including but not necessarily limited to: coordinating the call for applications and the application review process; working with graduate mentors and undergraduates to match people with like interests; planning 1-3 roundtables, discussions, presentations or other events (including the initial meet-and-greet gathering with participating students) per semester on various topics; communicating opportunities for summer internships, scholarships, or other opportunities to participating undergraduates, as they arise.
d) Elections shall be held in April, with incoming Officers beginning their service in July.
e) Officers will be elected or removed by a minimum of a majority of a quorum (at least 2/3 of the members).
f) In the event that AGSO deems a new, temporary position necessary, one may be created by unanimous decision of AGSO Officers. Nominations (or volunteers) will be solicited from among the AGSO general body. If there is more than one nominee for the position, elections will be conducted in a timely fashion. Individuals will be elected by a minimum of 2/3 of those casting a vote. If there is only one volunteer/nominee then no elections are needed. The position should last for one or two semesters, a duration that is up to the discretion of the AGSO Officers. If needed, the position may be extended by consensus of the Officers. The Officers shall determine if the position will be served by an individual or by committee. If it is to be served by a committee, the Officers will determine how many people shall serve the position.

ARTICLE VI: Meetings shall occur at the rate of at least once a month. The meetings shall be scheduled either by the officers acting in concert or by previous Organizational meetings.

ARTICLE VII: A quorum of at least six persons, including at least two officers, is necessary for the Organization to make decisions or take votes affecting all members of the Organization.

ARTICLE VIII: Amendments to the Constitution shall be accomplished only by a 2/3 vote of all non-provisional members of the Organization.

ARTICLE IX: Ratification of this Constitution shall occur when a majority of those casting a vote approve it.