A) By-Laws may be created by a quorum, but only during constitutionally defined meetings.

B) A By-Law becomes active only when a majority of members present approve.

C) Existing By-Laws include:

  1. The Anthropology Graduate Student Organization (hereinafter AGSO) shall primarily be an academic and social organization. The organization will continue to fund speakers and support academic pursuits.
  2. With regard to funding speakers, AGSO will work with any member in her or his effort to recruit speakers, but only if a majority of members agree that the proposed speaker is worthy of our efforts, and that the lecture delivered by the speaker will be attended by many of the organization’s members.

D) Graduate Student representatives on Faculty Search Committees shall be nominated by members and approved by a majority vote of members at a constitutionally defined meeting so long as:

  1. The representative agrees to serve for at least one academic year
  2. The faculty of the University of Georgia, Department of Anthropology concur.

E) AGSO will support student presentations at professional conferences as long as funding is available. Preferences will be given first to students who have not received financial funding from outside sources and organizations including, but not limited to: scholarships, Boyd Graduate School, Department of Anthropology, and or advisor funding.

F) By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of members present at a constitutionally defined meeting.