AGSO Meeting 8.23.18

Updates from the officers:

Shelly (Pres.)

  • Now online courses are mandatory for Org Presidents. Fundraising needs approval. UGA logos need trademark approval.
  • We can have an account with funds that carry over from year to year

Katie Reinberger (GPSA Org)

  • She’ll be representing our interests at the Graduate and Professional Student Association

Samm (Mentor Prog Coordinator)

  • This is her 3rd year as coordinator, more participation from grad students this year. 🙂  Monday is last day to sign up. Other events you can contribute to if you can’t mentor this year.
  • We now have a peer mentoring program for grad students too; in the works
  • A few upcoming events:
    • Wed. Sept 12, Baldwin rm 480 – Welcome back and Meet you Mentor night
      • Learn more about the prog
    • Oct. – Grad Student Panel – talk about trajectory, how we got here, advice, Q&A
    • SAAS (sister undergrad org) has a Thanksgiving potluck where they share a dish and cultural heritage with the group. We’re invited to join

Emily (Treasurer)

  • Manages the budget
  • What is the reimbursement process? We don’t have our account set up, but will soon

Jon Micon (VP)

  • Open to talk about ideas! Taking Jon Hallemeier’s place while he’s in the field.

Christina Crespo (Faculty Rep)

  • Attends faculty meetings, share the minutes with the grad students.
  • She’ll send out a call for any items we want to bring up with the faculty. Faculty meetings are at the end of the month.
  • At the end of last year there was a committee formed to look into the Baldwin Hall burials, they’ll be discussing and sharing info on that.
  • The AGSO listserve doesn’t go to the faculty, so send stuff to Susan/Margie to post if you want it to go to everyone
  • If we want to bring in a speaker, we need to bring it to the speaker committee (Don, Laura, Roberta) and can see if there’s matching funds or any support
  • Dream Curriculum survey – the graduate committee will be getting back to us to discuss this.

Ventura Perez is coming this semester – does she count as our speaker? We didn’t disperse those funds. We need to check in that funding is committed, so we can bring in someone else. There are other grants available to bring in speakers through other pools, like Grad School

Anna Singh  may be coming to speak, but still in the works.


  • We should fundraise for the Goat Roast starting now (so we don’t have to foot so many bills). Ryan could have the stuff set up in the front office but may need exact change, so cash only. (Emily/Shelly looking in to payment options.)
  • We can only use a small portion of our funds on food and travel.
  • Money that is raised is good to spend in one year, or you lose it the next year. So this gives a buffer. We made 400 ish on swag for last year.
  • Last year we got $763 from UGA.


  • We have some open dates that can be changed to reflect speakers/events that we want (eg.  the town hall/women’s panel). Ideas:
    • Grad Student experiences coming back from the field
    • Real talk on the job market – We can read the academic precarity blog. Katie Reinberger contributed to a paper on this re: her research. (profs idealizing academic jobs, downplaying challenges)
      • Career Center – rep can come, but pretty general advice
      • Reach out to alumni – Jessica Hamm (at Emory)
      • Imagine PhD Event — Software event w Judy Milton & Dean of Grad School – looked at skill set and jobs available.
    • Book The Professor is In – good for ideas/recommendations. Maybe we can read some chapters from this before ProSem (rumor: someone is trying to bring her here to talk).
    • Gary Green – does lectures on CV building, PostDoc, etc.
  • In early Sept. Gustavo Olivera  – talk co-sponsored by Anth Dept.
    • Wants to do a grad student workshop on doing research on politically contentious topics.
    • We will help get the word out
    • Monday, 10 am

United Campus Workers of GA – Jacob

  • A labor union was formed on campus a few years ago (United Campus Workers of GA); trying to expand. To represent the workers. Has local support, Economic Justice Coalition, some Deborah Gonzalez (State Rep), Stacy Abrams (candidate for governor)
  • Union participants are protected from legal issues, but don’t have collective bargaining rights.
  • Trying to change this, so we can advocate re: payroll issues, stagnant wages, parking rates.
  • Open to all faculty, staff, and paid grad students.
  • Jacob has invited them to come speak Sept 7th in 264 at lunch time. Will have pizza for about 20 ppl.
  • Hoping to get ppl across the dept, custodial staff, office staff, faculty, students, etc. Hoping an informal gathering may be a way to get higher participation.
  • Speaker committee of Anth Dept was focused on bigger fish.
  • More info on facebook, website.
  • Oct 3 – Q&A session re legal rights in Lamar Dodd, evening.
  • Starting this fall, working on a fair wages campaign. Hoping to institute across the board. Jacob helping to plan that campaign. Reaching out to lower wage employees to learn about budgetary constraints, w surveys. We can help out. (Dan will).
  • Increase in insurance premiums – maybe a march/rally at the arch soon.
  • Can we put our name on the event? Provide some funds for something?
    • Give it more visibility/ legitimacy.
    • Show up and have a voice
    • Unanimous yes.
    • Lemonade? Yes. (Shelly and Jacob will talk about this) (Dan will send out through list serve)
    • Need help reaching out to staff, send out a flier.

Goat Roast

  • Late Oct. early Nov. need to set a date, host, food, who is cooking the goat.
  • Laura German said faculty would try to help us pay for some food – hope to get faculty to donate as much as they’re willing.
  • Need to have date set before next faculty meeting (end of Sept). so they know about it.
  • Need to send info out over both listservs so faculty know.
  • 11/3 is the week after fall break, not a home game. (Ask Russ if it’s a good date).
  • Russ is a tentative host. Jason Gonzalez lives on a farm and is maybe ok with hosting it, so a good back up.

Make a committee: Jon, Dan, Emily,  (Jon– send out a request over the listserv)

  • Is everyone on the AGSO listserv? Yes.
  • Right now all of the officers have the ability to add to the listserv.
  • Not sure about Grad Student listserv; Susan handles it.



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