AGSO Meeting Minutes 4/6/2018

AGSO Meeting Minutes 4-6-2018
Meeting Agenda:
• Panel Review for AGSO Travel Grant
• Allocation of remaining AGSO funds
• Upcoming AGSO Elections
• Ashley Space
• Concerns for Faculty Meeting
• Mentorship Program update – VOTE 4 SAMM!
Panel Review for AGSO Travel
• Emily has received the applications, will give to Christina to distribute to faculty at next meeting on Wednesday April 18th.
• Make sure that applicants fill out travel authority before visiting conferences next week
• If faculty is unwilling to look over applications AGSO officers can do it but that would be less ideal
Allocation of Remaining AGSO Funds
• $428 remaining that needs to be spent by end of semester
• Ideas
o Bring in speaker from local community college
o Order more swag, particularly shirts (possibly also coffee mugs or hats)
Upcoming AGSO Elections
• Call for nominations this upcoming week
• Shelly will send out an email about the details of the election for all those interested in running for office.
• For all of those reading this, please consider running!
• Elections possibly at next AGSO meeting in two weeks
Ashley Space
• Ashley’s mother was kind enough to donate funds to the space
• How should these funds be used best?
• Ideas:
o Art to cover side walls (Christina has volunteered to paint mural in honor of Ashley on large wall)
o New lights
o Rug/Carpet
o Possibly new printer
Concerns and Issues to Address at next Faculty Meeting
• Deliver crowd sourced data to faculty
• AGSO officers will meet 8pm Monday @ MLC to go over and process data
• Should put together a thank you for the entire anthropology faculty for their work with the Baldwin burial concerns.
Mentorship Program
• Grad/Undergrad social last Wednesday went well, thank you to everyone who helped out!
• Samm will work on putting together resources for Graduate students who would like to mentor an undergraduate student next semester.
• Samm is also running for Mentorship coordinator re-election. Vote 4 Samm! She will make all of your wildest dreams come true!!
Next AGSO Meeting in two weeks, ideally on Friday after Prosem



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