Faculty Meeting Minutes March 7, 2018

March 7, 2018

Call to Order

A monthly faculty meeting of the Department of Anthropology was held on March 7, 2018


  • Student posted concerning message to Groupme discussion board in ANTH1102, campus police has investigated and they have ruled that it was a tasteless joke rather than a substantiated threat. Dean and Provost weighed in on the situation
  • Annual faculty evaluations have been completed
  • Town Hall meeting scheduled for 3/28/2018 (open forum, but will definitely include discussion of TAships). Room 264 at 12:15pm
  • April 18, 2018 will be the next faculty meeting
  • Congratulations on a successful Anthropology Day
  • CAPA courses that have not been taught in the last 5 years are going to be removed from the bulletin (a faculty member wants to submit a justification for them to say)
  • Update on Ashley’s Space


  • University Council:
    • Still no university council meeting this semester
  • Faculty Senate:
    • Nothing to report from faculty senate regarding regular business. The Baldwin Hall discussion to faculty senate and the conversation is continuing to determine what the next steps should be.
    • Question of the back parking late was raised- no parking permits have been issued for the lot but the question of moving forward remains.
    • The possibility of bringing in an external consultant rather than handling it internally was suggested.
  • Undergraduate:
    • Bulletin has been updated. Course descriptions can be updated by individual faculty in CAPA.
    • The registrar is now asking to update CAPA (which means that they will be completely removed from the system)
    • Fall 2018 classes have been posted online and all majors have been
    • Targeted advertising for students in business (postcards)
    • Next step is doing this for the pre-med office as well
    • Need to consider updating the learning outcomes for majors as an entire faculty
  • Graduate:
    • Double Dawg- joint BA/MA Program, currently working on a proposal for anthropology students (the degree must be completed within 5 years); Option of thesis versus non-thesis program (currently proposed as thesis based)
      • Question raised as to how benefits would be distributed; where does the money that the department receives goes?
      • Making it thesis based requires a greater commitment from faculty (mentoring)
      • Faculty must vote on new degree programs, proposed that faculty vote on a very broad proposal that would facilitate the creation of one off programs
      • Should we be thinking in interdisciplinary terms?
    • Concern raised over the fact that departmental graduates are receiving funding to each while current graduate students are trying to find funding (looking into what sociology does)
  • AGSO:
    • Call for faculty evaluators for AGSO travel grant
    • Question about removing the fridge from Ashley’s space

Old Business:

  • Request for adjunct status to retain institutional affiliation
  • DNA analysis has been stalled and community concerns- raised in Faculty Senate
  • Approval to add Departmental Open Access Policy to Policy & Procedure Manual
  • Discussion of changes to PUT Promotion & Tenure Timeline in Policy & Procedures Manual

 New Business:

  • Faculty changes for the Natural History Museum Internship Program




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