AGSO Meeting Minutes for 3/5/2018

AGSO Meeting Minutes
Travel Grant
-Travel grant to attend a conference
-10% of AGSO budget ($75)
-Due Date?
-End of March is most convenient
-To be impartial to applicants, have professors look over applications

Remainder of AGSO budget
-Get more SWAG
– Shirts, Hats, Bags
– Survey for design on items (Include more representation of cultural and biological anthropology)
Ashley Space
-When do we want to move furniture to excess storage?
-Find someone with truck to help
-Keep in communication about moving event
Faculty Notes
-Pass along flyers to advertise undergrad anthropology classes
-Next prosem should be a good time to hand out flyers
-Susan is in the process of organizing a town hall between grad and faculty
-Steve has offered extensive journal collections for Ashley space
-Anthropology undergraduate requirements are changing so that undergraduate students must take course within the department to complete degree.



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