Meeting Minutes for 1/19/2018

Faculty Retreat
• Increased Graduate Student involvement in department
• Get advertisements for courses out earlier, possibly make flyers to increase undergraduate enrollment
• Make guidelines for graduate student teachings of courses (Students of records)
• Opportunity to build teaching portfolios

Ashley Space
• Need to purchase furniture
• Meet at 5pm on Tuesday, January 30th in Computer Lab

World Anthropology Day
• Meeting Monday, January 21 @ 4 pm in Dr. Birch’s Office
• More to report after meeting

Shirt Fundraising
• Sell shirts
• $15 for faculty
• $5 for students (Graduate & Undergraduate)
• Could possibly use Venmo or Google doc to collect orders and money.

Remaining Funds
• Possibly use in Travel Fund, $100
• Use for travel to presentations
• Ask for basic information (Title, abstract, location, other funding, why me?)
• Guest Speaker? 100$
• SAAS/AGSO event?
• Business Cards?

Next Meeting
Tuesday, January 30th 5pm
Meet in G30 Graduate Computer Lab to help put together Ashley’s Memorial Space


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