Faculty Meeting Minutes- September 20, 2017

Call to Order

A monthly faculty meeting of the Department of Anthropology was held on September 20, 2017.


  • The department has a new vehicle available
  • Updated funding cards for Ashley


  • Graduate program:
    • Quality of our program being about job placement/grad activities
    • Professional development: emphasis on grants and methods
  • Double Dawg program
  • Annual review of grad students will be done in mid-October
  • Website is being updated

Old Business:

  1. Updating the Bulletin: Draft of text about the program and removal of untaught
  2. PRAC- Self-study for UGA academic program review (2017-2018)

New Business

  • Dean will visit next meeting to discuss new department headship
  • Quotas on the copies were discussed for faculty and graduate students
  • stifling her ability on teaching- increase limits or not have them
    • Grad students are abusing the copier (it’s all our fault)
    • Raised printing concerns from the graduate student end
    • Photocopying was discussed
    • AGSO clarification of printing



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