AGSO Meeting 10/20/2017

• Send Margie email about getting goat for the roast
• Send around Potluck sign-up sheet next week
• Rental of portable toilets for roast
• New Department head search – meeting next November
Murder Mystery
• Great success!
• No upcoming events with SAAS in remainder of semester
• Except upcoming events in Spring
Bram Winter Party
• Wants to host chili cook off
• Email Bram about possible date
Ashley Memorial Space
• G35 is not available
• Can move forward with space, possibly check an overstock room
• Samm is going to meet with a faculty person to help locate a room
• Shelly has photos to contribute
Survey to Graduate Students
• Christina can take the lead with asking faculty
• Focus on access to printing/meeting space
• Access to information about available classes
• Have people prioritize qualms
• Options for funding
• Announce survey during a well populated Pro-seminar
• Include variables such as sub-field, maybe year?

Goat Roast
• Need volunteers, include with potluck sign-up in Proseminar
• Held on November 11th


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