AGSO MEETING 9/29/2017

Goat Roast
• Pete agreed to host goat roast
• Pete is leaving on November 22nd, need to get an earlier date for goat roast.
• Ed cooking the goat, but needs two helpers
• Suggest November 4th as a possible date.
• Need to make signs
• Have people bring sides, not just desserts
Christina’s Faculty Meeting Update
• Make sure to notify department of grants/research
• Department has agreed to update course bulletin
• Notified faculty about printing concerns for graduate students, need to present department with a useful solution so that all graduate students have access to printing materials.
• AGSO needs to find a means to communicate more clearly with faculty
• Ideas presented for seminar and methods on race
• More individuals need to be available to take seminar in addition to methods.
• More information on courses to come in future.


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