AGSO Meeting 9/15/2017

Invite Bioarchaeologist Ventura Perez to speak to Anthropology Department
>Ask to focus on community interaction and experience with racism through research.
>$250 in budget to bring in speaker

Consider using AGSO funds to purchase business cards for graduate students
> Cards are cheap and would assist students with networking at conferences

Grad school panel and social next Wednesday, 9/20
> Starts at 5:30 pm
> Share advice to undergrads about future and different paths to graduate school.

>Murder Mystery Potluck scheduled for Oct. 18th at 5:30 p.m., Graduate and Undergraduate mixer.

Faculty and Graduate Communication
> Discuss concerns about status of Teaching Assistantships
> Collect experiences from Anthropology students regarding Teaching Assistantships
> Continue to promote AGSO selected speakers

Printing limitations
> Printer only open from 9 – 5 pm
> Department needs to communicate about available printing resources to students

>$152 max to allocate for food, can all be used for Goat-Roast.
> Need to be more aggressive about asking people to sign up for food dishes
> Pass information around during Prosem
> Ask Russel if he would be alright with hosting again
> Date during away football game weekend, possibly Nov. 11th
> A good idea might be to have a volunteer opportunity leading into goat roast
> Acknowledge veterans, considering it will be Veterans day
> Ask individuals to help clean-up after

Create a group/schedule for activities with graduate students
> Search for hiking locations
> Take a few minutes at beginning of Prosem to discuss AGSO events

Memorial space to Ashley Block
> What do we want in space?
> Pictures, possible research poster from Ashley
> Space to write about memories/stories



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