AGSO Meeting 8/28/2017

New Officers for 2017-2018
President – Shelly Biesel
Vice President – Christina Lee
Treasurer – Emily Ramsey
Secretary – Jon Micon
Student-Faculty Representative: Christina Crespo
GSA Representative – N/A
Mentor Program Coordinator – Samm Holder

>  Sam will send out official emails for mentoring program
>  Send out message to undergraduate and graduate students to match up interests
 > Main goal: be there for undergrads to help with path after graduation

Grad/Undergrad Mixer
 > Start out with panel discussion
 > Undergrads will send what they want out of the meeting (last year talking informally  about our interests)
 > Undergraduate students interested in Halloween Potluck on October 18th – “Murder mystery” theme.
 > Want to include graduate students
 > Undergraduate organization meeting Wednesdays at 5? Maybe
 >  Thought about including a service activity, maybe a clean-up?

Emily- Treasurer
 > Susan and Shelly applied for AGSO funds, applied for $2000, not sure how much we will receive
 > Possibly sell t-shirts to raise money for events (goat roast) maybe for 5$
 > Need to plan out how we are going to spend money in advance rather than decide all at once.

 > Create survey about graduate student experience to receive input that AGSO can use to meet student needs
 > Ask for more diversity on class topics
 > Make suggestions rather than critique (need courses on gender, race, class, etc..)

Course Improvements
 > Better mechanism for creating courses themselves, rather than just looking at listserve, too informal
 > May be able to get more courses if we can coordinate with other students/professors.
 > Need to communicate and plan courses earlier in advance
 > Many other departments have courses listed on website, need to advertise better to undergraduate students
 > Possibly putting together a poster in which different professors contribute, focus on interests
 > Center on ICON students who should be taking Anthropology courses

Ashley Memorial
 > Find a way to allocate a corner/quiet space dedicated to Ashley Block in place of picture in the hallway.
 > Talk to Susan about finding space (maybe graduate computer lab?)

Social Media/ Informal Activities
 > Need more opportunities for graduate students to meet up informally
 > Weekly hiking trips? not huge time commitment.
 >  Create a Google calendar to discuss upcoming events and activities

Update AGSO Website
 > Organize a collective Grad-Undergrad information component for web page discussing everything you need to do/ useful resources.
 > Divide responsibilities for posting to site.

Scheduling Meetings
 > Meet every other week, lots of ambitious activities.
 > 9:15 to 10 am on Fridays – instead of Mondays
 > Announce in advance when the meetings are to department
 > Next meeting Sept. 15, 9:15 to 10am


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