Faculty Meeting Minutes (March 2017)

  • Graduate Committee
    • Presented the number of offers sent to prospective students for Fall 2017 and the number that have accepted the offers so far
  • Departmental Learning Outcomes
    • Graduate students
      • Ask your advisor if you are curious about the department’s official learning outcomes!
      • Estimated times to completion of benchmarks like comprehensive exams and prospectus defenses were discussed as well as ways to improve upon these (if necessary)
      • In the last five years:
        • Our average time to completion for doctoral students is above the national average (approx. 40% of our students graduated within six years)
        • 57 student authored papers were submitted and published in peer reviewed journals
        • Students have been granted approx. 950,000 dollars in funding
        • Employment success over the last five years has yet to be determined
        • (we’re doing well! Congratulate yourselves)
      • Undergraduate learning outcomes were also discussed
    • LACSI Hire
      • A decision has been made
      • The outcome of the job search will be announced soon
    • Double Dog Program (this may be of interest to graduate mentors)
      • There is a system in place at the university were select undergraduates may earn a master’s degree
        • Select undergraduates may take certain graduate-level courses in their fourth and fifth years in order to earn a master of arts or sciences
      • Decisions to participate in Double Dog are made at the departmental level
      • Anthro has not decided whether it will participate yet, so if you’re going to tell an undergrad about the program make sure you are clear on this. Also, make sure you let them know that this does NOT mean a master’s program may be coming back to Anthro. These are discussions the department must take up in the future.
      • I only mention this here as some of our undergraduates are dual majors and this may be a choice for them in the future or in their other home department

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