Faculty Meeting Minutes (Feb. 2017)

  1. Anti-harassment, discrimination, and inclusivity
    1. The university is currently bringing together data on anti-harassment, discrimination, and inclusivity from across the university.
    2. It is being forwarded as part of an effort to better understand these issues university-wide.
    3. Discussions regarding beneficial ways to integrate and use this data are ongoing.
  2. News from the Laboratory of Archaeology
    1. The move to the new archaeology lab facilities will begin sometime this spring/summer (between April and June).
    2. Archaeological collections from recent excavations on St. Catherines Island have been donated to the Laboratory of Archaeology for permanent curation.
    3. In recognition of the donation, Dr. David Hurst Thomas of the American Museum of Natural History will be speaking at the Special Collections Library on Tuesday, April 11th at 3:30pm.
  3. New undergraduate course offerings
    1. The department is currently reviewing undergraduate course offerings to better suit the needs of undergraduate students.
    2. The possibility of new certificates for cultural and biological anthropology were also discussed.
    3. Graduate student mentors and TAs: let the undergraduates know that new courses designed to fulfill a greater range of degree requirements and new certificates may be available soon!
  4. LACSI job search
    1. The job search for a joint hire with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI) continues.
    2. Applicants through the Anthropology Department will with be giving job talks in the department this month.



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