Faculty Meeting Minutes 11/30/16

2nd Faculty Meeting (11/30/16)

Fall 2016

  1. Our department has an awesome new office manager! Her name is Maryland Rodriguez.
    1. Introduce yourself!
  2. The Anthro. Dept’s. new website is up and running!
    1. IMPORTANT: with the new web-page, faculty and graduate students have the ability to manage and alter their personal pages!
      1.                                                      Instructions to edit your personal information:
        1.  Go to the Anthro home page
        2. Scroll down until you see the “for faculty and staff” tab to the right. Click on it.
        3. To the right you should see a “Site Login” tab. Click on it.
        4. In the body of the page click on “Click here to log into the Anthropology website”
        5. Enter your UGA ID and sign in.
        6. You will see an “edit” tab just below your UGA ID. DO NOT CLICK ON IT (this only edits your profile, not your content on the webpage)
        7. Click on “people” just above your UGA ID
        8. Find your name and click on your name (NOT YOUR PICTURE).
        9. You should see “View” and “Edit” tabs below your UGA ID. The “Edit” tab will allow you to edit your content.
    2. If you have any issues, Ryan and Deb are now webmasters and they can assist you with any issues
  3. Ashley Block Fund
    1. The department is progressing with its plans for an Ashley Block fund (an informational poster has been put up in the department’s display case by the stairs).
    2. More info. Will be available by the beginning of Spring Semester
  4. University Council
    1. The university is talking about switching to a 14 to 15-week semester instead of the current 16 weeks.
  5. Departmental enrollment
    1. The department is continuing to look into new ways to increase student enrollment
  6. Grad. committee
    1. Graduate student progress letters for this year will be going out soon
    2. The graduate committee is impressed with the graduate student body in general
  7. Master degree in CRM and Archaeological Sci (online)
    1. The department is continuing to work on setting up an online master degree in archaeological science
    2. A plan has been put forward and is on the Dean’s desk…we should hear about it soon.
  8. Possible new joint hire for assistant professor
    1. The department is looking at prospective candidates for a joint hire with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute
      1.    This new hire will be for an assistant prof. position

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