AGSO Meeting: 10.3.2016

goatroast2016draftItem 1: Goat Roast Date Change

  • Goat roast has been changed to November 5th, and will be held at Russell’s house:
    • 1350 Spring Valley Road (at the 4-way stop of Athena Road and Spring Valley)
  • Still to-do:
    • Create a list of things we need for the goat roast (-done, Shelly)
    • Secure port-a-pot reservation
    • Purchase goat-Ed has experience in the past

Item 2: Undergraduate outreach

  • Away game watch party will be canceled. We will invite undergraduates to the Chili Cookoff instead.

Item 3: Websites

  • UGA Anthropology website is indefinitely down, AGSO will fill in this gap by creating grad student and lab bios for webpage.
  • Content of website should be more useful for students: have guest blogs about comps advice, links to grant resources, important requirements, etc.
  • Shelly will create dropbox that people can fill with content for the AGSO website
  • We need a page honoring Ashley and her research.
  • Travis’s lab is making flyers for courses that will be offered next year to attract more students.

Other Items: 

  • We are now able to take between 40 and 45 hours of 8500 courses
  • Possibly find a corkboard for AGSO in the department
  • We need to work with faculty to facilitate ways to make it easier to know what courses are coming up, and ensure these courses are meeting the needs of contemporary anthropology.



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