First Meeting of the Fall 2016 Semester: 09.12.2016

Welcome back everyone! Here are our meeting notes from the first meeting of the Fall 2016 Semester, held at 9am on 09-12-2016.

New Officers:

  • April Smith-President
  • John Hallemeier-Vice President
  • Edgar Alarcon -Treasurer
  • Samm Holder-Student Mentor Program Coordinator
  • Ashley Block-Anthropology Graduate Student Representative to GPSA
  • Travis Jones-Student Faculty Representative
  • Shelly Biesel-Secretary

Item 1: Budget

  • $763 dollars.
  • Money constraints.
  • Guest speakers? We need to pay for their travel/hotel.
  • Could we piggy back on a speaker that is already coming?
  • Biological anthropologist at University of West Georgia?
  • Decision to be made in the future.

Item 2: Event planning

Goat Roast

  • Location?  Pete offered his location, suggested a pig roast.
  • We need to talk to Pete about dates.
  • Possible date October 8th.
  • AGSO pays for the meat… but other stuff is donated.
  • Things we need:
    •             Perfect potluck-way for people to sign up for things to bring- Ashley
    •             Cutlery/plates/cups
    •             4 Signs (florescent)
    •             Tables/chairs-Travis and Ed
    •             Entertainment-Jon
    •             Firewood-April going to ask Pete.
    •             Port-a-potty-Travis
    •             Big cooler + ice*
    •             Lanterns/torches.
    •             Flyer-Shelly

Winter Party

  • Chili cookoff, towards the end of semester, on reading day before finals.
  • Tentative date Tuesday, December 6th.

Other items:

  • April: We need to create an AGSO handbook
    • How to renew AGSO’s charter/how to get money/officer roles, etc./formal outlines for grievance process.
  • Jon: Grievance process-maybe we just need a process by which AGSO can represent student concerns to the faculty.
    •  Like having exit interviews.
    •  Survey/questionnaire reviewing the department
  •  Sam: Service component
    • Educational component, having a career day where we go to  a grade school and talk about anthropology.
    • Or clean-up service-Keep Athens Beautiful?
  • Shelly: Website-rehab.
  • Travis: Master calendar for the department, Google calendar can be added to website.




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