Faculty Meeting 3-30-2016

Faculty Meeting Minutes

March 30, 2016

  • The Pre- and Post- Award Teams came from OVPR to introduce themselves an answer questions about proposals by the faculty – There was nothing pertaining to graduate students discussed
  • Roberta Salmi has been given a Letter of Offer for a tenure track position in the department
  • We are waiting for an official decision on approval of the Master of Sciences in Archaeological Resource Management
  • Undergraduate enrollment issues were discussed (enrollment is down across all of Franklin College of Arts and Sciences) and the faculty is thinking of ways to develop a strategy to improve enrollment in the department
  • Teaching Assistant Evaluations will return to being done by paper because of low turn around for email evaluations
  • Faculty renewed the graduate faculty status of Pete Brosius
  • The department has offered a letter of hire to Ryan Robinson as Angie’s replacement
  • There was discussion of the Anthropology Graduate Student Handbook: specifically about the major and co-advisor clause
    • There was a request to change the wording to more clearly allow individuals who are not graduate faculty in the Anthropology Department to be a co-major professor of students with approval of the department faculty

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