AGSO Meeting: March 23, 2016

AGSO Meeting: March 23, 2016 | 2:30 PM

 Officers and Members Present:

  • April Smith
  • Carey Garland
  • Katie Reinberger
  • Jessie Dyer
  • Kat Napora
  • June Brawner
  • Dan Read


  • Email will be sent out calling for officer nominations
  • We will then send out Survey Monkey for members to vote
  • Officers will write blurb about their specific role in AGSO to help guide next years officers.


  • $264.41 left over
  • How to spend it?
  • New printer being paid for by the department; however, we will have to pay for ink, toner and so forth.
  • Jessie will get office supplies for computer lab
  • Other ideas? Individual printers for offices? Send out email to ask AGSO members

 End of Year Party

  • May collaborate with undergraduate organization for an end of year party
  • Discussed ideas about dates and location: Don’t want to conflict with ICON’s party. Weekend before finals may be the best date – April 29th or 30th.
  • Dan is willing to host it at his house again
  • Another idea is having it at a restaurant

 Leave of Absence

  • Everyone seems willing to help (i.e. Susan, graduate school, and so forth). Basically told not to worry; they wont hold us to the three semester leave of absence in case of an emergency.
  • One issue is that one may have to pay student loans during leave of absences since they will not be a registered student and deferment will end. One solution is to take out a small loan and register for 6 credit hours.
  • June is putting together a document for Susan – i.e. what other schools are doing, what the grad school has to say about the matter, where we stand, etc.

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