AGSO Meeting Minutes 2-1-16

AGSO Meeting: February 1, 2016 | 2:00 PM

Officers and Members Present: 

  • Dan Read
  • April Smith
  • Katie Reinberger
  • June Brawner
  • Katharine Napora
  • Aaron Lenihan
  • Stefan Brannan
  • Jessie Dyer
  • Jacob Weger

Topics Discussed:

1.) Role of AGSO in Student/Faculty Disputes

  • How best to go about solving issues grad students have if students are not comfortable going to the graduate coordinator:
  • A more personal approach would be to go directly to graduate coordinator to talk to her about any issues that are brought up.
  • Faculty rep will take on this responsibility in the future

2.) Mentoring program

  • We want to make a panel about work outside of academia.
  • Kat will send out an e-mail requesting panel participants.
  • Pizza for SAS panel – maybe make it into the spring party afterwards.

3.) Treasury

  • Travel Money (~$130)
    • We will make a form for students to fill out for half of the $130 we have towards student travel
    • Evaluation criteria ideas discussed include:
      • Someone who hasn’t won the other awards? Maybe
      • Any travel type
      • Maybe an essay
      • Maybe a poetry competition
      • Why was this money useful to your career?
    • Everyone come up with a question and some criteria and AGSO officers will vote by FRIDAY FEB 5, 2016.

4.) Faculty Meeting

  • Scientific Writing Faculty Issue
    • AGSO will not address this issue with the faculty.
  • Faculty meeting notes should be confidential: No names on the faculty notes.
  • Katie will follow up with Susan about leave of absence waiver request in the anthro department.

5.) GSA Activity

  • Leave of absence policy
    • President in GSA is taking the leave of absence waiver request
    • If you have any personal stories you could add to this leave of absence request, you can e-mail the GSA president, Audrey Lewis, with your stories so that they can be included. Her address is
  • GSA is also taking on the 5 semester rule for applying for travel funds from the Graduate school. If you have any comments on this problem you can also email Audrey Lewis.

6.) Wilderness First Responder Course

  • Jacob will send out an e-mail to see if anyone is interested in participating

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