AGSO Meeting Minutes 9-25-2015

AGSO Meeting: September 25, 2015 | 2:30 PM

 Officers and Members Present:

  • April Smith
  • Brent Vickers
  • Carey Garland
  • Annie MacFadyen
  • Jessie Dyer
  • Kat Napora
  • Katie Reinberger
  • Samm Holder
  • Emily Horton
  • Jon Hallemeier
  • Michael Lonneman

*** Note: These notes are being retroactively posted. The notes were out of my (Carey) possession for a few months and I just recently acquired them again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Topics Discussed:

1.) Goat Roast

  • Results of vote for new name: The Annual Goat Roast’s new name = “Goat Roast.” Anthroast came in at number two in the vote.
  • Saturday, October 17th at 3:00 pm
  • Pete’s house – which is about a 30-minute drive (Lexington, Ga).
  • Goat Roast Task Allocations (everyone needs to get back within one week):
  • Porto-potty – look in to price and place order: Carey
  • Signs: April
  • Goat or other meet: Jon
  • Water: Annie
  • Lighting: Everyone brings their own
  • Garbage cans: Dan and Jon
  • Tents and Tables?
  • Food (Sign up sheet in front office):
  • Dan: Bread
  • Lexi: Two salads
  • Karen: Smores
  • April: Banana bread
  • Samm: Mac and Cheese
  • Maybe pitch in for keg, Samm will talk to fiancé who works for Terrapin.
  • AGSO will pay for Goat, plates and utensils.

2.) Faculty Meeting (From Brent)

  • Building construction will be going on all year
  • New academic analytics program – qualifies anthropology departments throughout the country and compares them to other departments. Very comprehensive, though not sure what it is measuring. UGA is ranked 19 out of 182. Not too bad! May relate to funding.
  • Open accessing publishing – funding in department for faculty. What about students?

3.) Budget and Monies

  • Budget only $900!
  • Reduction in budget likely due to increase in student organizations this year (20+).
  • Printer issues: Need to pay department back for printer cartilage (need to figure out price); need to print out printer rules – it is being over used, students shouldn’t be printing out all of the articles they need to read for the week!
  • Fundraising Ideas:
  • Movie night
  • Special Happy hour: Your Pie donates 10% and so does Terrapin (Samm will check with her fiancé who works at Terrapin)
  • No imitations on we spend fundraising moneys as opposed to budget

4.) Other Topics

  • Head of undergraduate archaeology society – Grad/undergrad mixer at Transmet (no alcohol). Date ?
  • Application for the mentoring program extended until October 9th.
  • Suggested to make mentoring program more hands on (i.e. training in lab work)
  • April suggests putting together a knitting group – stress relief! Need to figure out when, where, etc.
  • Annie – Jerry Morehead will be at next GSA meeting on October 19th.
  • Previously discussed “Leave of Absence Policy” – Needs to be resolved through department (ask for exemption or extension). Dr. Tanner realizes how the current leave of absence policy could be an issue. Will be brought up at next faculty meeting.
  • Students brought up the issue with Proseminar attendance. The majority of students are frustrated with the new policy that requires a signature for proof of attendance at an event. Someone noted that Dr. Tanner said she would change it; however, no one was informed and everyone is still confused. Need to talk to Dr. Tanner and possibly write a letter.

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