AGSO Meeting November 20, 2015

AGSO Meeting: November 20, 2015 | 2:30 PM

 Officers and Members Present:

  • April Smith
  • Brent Vickers
  • Carey Garland
  • Annie MacFadyen
  • Jessie Dyer
  • Aaron Lenihan
  • Kat Napora
  • Robin Reid

*** Note: Meeting minutes from the September 25th meeting will be posted over the winter break. I apologize for the delayed post; the notes have not been in my possession for a while and I will not be able to retrieve them until after December 19th  –  after which they will be posted to the AGSO website (Carey).

 Topics Discussed:

*New Faculty Representative: Katie Reinberger!

*New GSA Representative: June Brawner!

 Winter Party:

  • Tuesday, December 8th at Transmetropolitan – upstairs, open party meaning other people can come in. Magnolia is another possible location for the winter party – may be more affordable and quite.
  • Chili Cook-off – need competition for April this year! Winner will be reimbursed for the cost to make their chili. Make sure to send email to faculty so they know about the winter party.
  • White Elephant Party – everyone bring a wrapped present worth approximately $10. Bring a present take a present.
  • April will make fliers for the event.

GSA meeting info (From Annie):

  • The final day for UGA’s Count Me In survey is November 20, 2015.  If you haven’t taken the survey yet – which only takes a tiny amount of time – please do.  We’d like to have a nice hearty graduate student turnout for the survey.  It’s not often that the university asks our opinions, so now is your chance to air those pent up feelings.
  • Secondly, the Interdisciplinary Research Conference wants YOU!  The conference will be here at UGA on Feb 5.  Everyone is invited to submit an abstract – it can be proposed research, early stage results, anything!  There will be food, networking, coffee, etc at the conference as well.  Also, please consider volunteering to help organize or moderate sessions!
  • Third, student fees will be increased by 6 dollars – a technology fee – to support the new Athena platform that we all know and love.
  • Lastly, I’m now signing off as your GSA rep.  I’ll pass on my Leave of Absence letter to the next GSA rep – whoever that may be.  Susan knows about our interest in this issue, but we have not yet moved to discussing it with our Anthro faculty.
  • The next GSA meeting will be on Feb 15th at 5pm in MLC 267.

Other Topics of Discussion

  • $42 raised from the fundraiser at Keba
  • Mentee/Mentor Mixer went well. 7 mentors and 10-12 undergraduate mentees; all mentors have a mentee but there are still some undergraduate students that need a mentor
  • Another Mentee/Mentor Mixer in spring?
  • Skelton being excavated in parking lot.
  • Proseminar attendance policy letter agreed upon and ready to send to Susan.
  • Protocol for AGSO and ANTHRO listserves. Who sees these emails? Dan will send out an email to clarify who sees these listserves and the purpose of the listserves.
  • Travel Funds: Students write proposals – ask graduate committee to decide who gets travel funds?

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