Meeting Minutes 10-23-15

AGSO Meeting: October 23, 2015; 2:30-3:30 pm

 Officers Present:

  • Daniel Read
  • Kat Napora
  • April Smith
  • Brent Vickers
  • Carey Garland
  • Annie MacFadyen
  • Jessie Dyer

Topics Discussed: Fundraisers, Travel Money, Mentor Program, Winter Party and more….

  • Fundraisers
  • Keba Mediterranean restaurant (on the east side). 15% of proceeds go back to AGSO. Recommended to hold on the Sunday (November 8th) before the Mentor/Mentee Mixer – it will help pay for food for the mixer….or funds will go towards travel grants
  • Invite undergrads, CAIS, faculty, ICON, and other departments.
  • Emails and flyers for the event – part of the agreement with Keba is to develop advertisement with them.
  • How money to spend at Mixer
  • Mentor/Mentee mixer – November 14th. Transmet Pizza – UGA/Auburn game day party combo.
  • Travel Money
  • Hold another fundraiser?
  • Last year too much hassle for too little money
  • This year less grants, more money. Same specs as other fund applications (i.e. write a proposal – need to talk to Labau)?
  • Lots of other restaurants to hold fundraiser (i.e. Terrapin). Need to brainstorm
  • Mentoring Update
  • Kat will match people up this weekend based on interests
  • She will send out an email to mentors to see if they are interested in working with matched mentee.
  • Facebook page for Mentor Program and AGSO!
  • Winter party
  • December 8th
  • Chili Cook off – somebody needs to compete with April this year!
  • Reserve room at restaurant (same one as last year – place next to Walkers?)
  • Winner of the cook off is reimbursed for chili (~$10).
  • White elephant gift exchange ($10 max)
  • Other topics of discussion
  • Dan will draft a letter to Dr. Tanner to regarding Proseminar attendance policy for spring
  • Nothing yet regarding the leave of absence policy
  • Annie will send out SGA meeting minutes.
  • New dean of Grad school trying to get grants and stuff for TA’s! Anthropology should have a voice in this. Annie will send out a query for grad needs (i.e. facilities, TAships, publication help, etc.
  • Brent – Faculty meeting:
    • Next semester Baldwin rooms will be under centralized system. In other words, we will have to use the same system as the library and MLC to book rooms.
    • Call for fellowships for online teaching – lots of faculty applied (possible opportunities for new TA positions).
    • Boosting required graduate hours from 12 to 15.
    • Baldwin restorations have begun and there will be a new bridge in 90 days.
    • Faculty Improvements Plans
  • Send out calls for nominations to replace Brent and Annie

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