AGSO Meeting Minutes 9.4.2015

AGSO Meeting Minutes                                                                                                    



  • Daniel Read
  • Kat Napora
  • April Smith
  • Brent Vickers
  • Carey Garlan
  • Annie MacFadyen

Topics of Discussion

1.) Leave of Absence

  • Letter/petition for Anthropology graduate students to be exempt for “Leave of Absence” rules
  • Must be enrolled for two of the three semesters/year. Anything under this amount will result it being dropped from the program and one would have to reapply.
  • Students allowed one leave of absences before and after comps. This keeps you from being dropped if you can’t take classes due to sickness, etc.
  • Many graduate students have to use their leave of absence while they are doing field work because if you enroll while you are gone you would have to pay tuition (students in field don’t have TA and/or tuition wavers 😦
  • Writing a letter to present at the Faculty meeting – must have faculty support. If approved by faculty, Dr. Tanner will proceed from there.

2.) Other Topics of Concern

  • When are students with TA’s supposed to be back on campus after winter and summer break? Seems to be some inconsistency in this; some students are being expected to meet with professors earlier in the summer concerning, or even beginning, their TA duties.
  • Jessie Dyer is the new Treasurer!
  • Rebecca Zargar and Tom Pluckhahn will likely be guest speakers this year. As of now, the date looks like February 12th during Proseminar.
    • They have family and thus accommodations in Madison – cheaper visit
  • Goat roast – Icon wedding on the weekend of October 24th – probably should have Goat Roast on October 17th
  • Donation box to pay for Russ’s beer.
  • Complaints about Goat Roast name – will have a poll to change the name
  • Russ will take over faculty representative once Brent graduates.

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