AGSO Meeting 8-19-2015

AGSO Meeting: August 19, 2015; 9:00 – 10:00 am

 Officers Present:

  • Daniel Read
  • Kat Napora
  • April Smith
  • Brent Vickers
  • Carey Garland

Topics Discussed: Events, Dates, and Money/Budget

  1. First topic of discussion – Uddi will not be with us this fall, so we need to elect a new treasurer. We will call at Graduate Proseminar this Friday for nominees and take a vote.
  2. Chili Cookout/Winter Party – Winner will be reimbursed for their food, roughly $15. Need to figure out date and location
  3. Mentor Meet and Greet End of Year Party – Generally led by undergraduate organization. Email will be sent out by Kat
  4. Partnering with Emory for Proposal Workshop – Need to figure out date; no cost
  5. Goat Roast – Russ has agreed to host the Annual Goat Roast. We will pay for the meat, allocating approximately $150
  6. Guest Speakers – Rebecca Zargar and Tom Pluckhahn from The University of South Florida. Approximate cost – $800+. Will discuss with Dr. Tanner on a possible Proseminar date to have the guest speakers. Most likely will be after September once the budget has been submitted.
  7. End of year party. Food will be paid for by leftover budget money. Make sure an email gets out to professors this time
  8. Supplies – Possible buy cheap printers for each lab that does not already have one.
  9. Travel Funding – Last year was too little money for too much work. This year we will hold a raffle in which two winners will receive $100 for travel funds
  10. Possibly help pay for student conference registrations or publication fees
  11. Grad school stress relief! April may lead a knitting or crafting group every other week. This will not cost any Money
  12. Student Trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Brent has sent out an email to the list serve. Students pay for this, not AGSO.
  13. Suggest Budget: Last year $2100, this year $1500 (had too much left over last year).


  • $15 for chili cookout
  • $150 for Goat Roast
  • $800 + for guest speakers
  • $200 Travel Funding
  • Left over budget money – Supplies, conference/publication fees, and end of year party.

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