Meeting Minutes 3/19/15

  • Attendees:
    • Jacob Weger
    • Dan Read
    • April Smith
    • Robin Reid
    • Russ Cutts
    • Amanda Sutton
    • Walker DePuy
  • SAS T-shirts and Fundraising:
    • All AGSO fundraising goes back into student activities account.
    • Potential Suppliers:
      • Satisfactory
      • Big Frog
      • Ruby Sue
    • $10-12 per shirt
    • ~ 50 shirts total
    • We must send out an SAS meeting reminder at the beginning of the week:
      • Who is presenting
      • When they are presenting
    • Guest speaker – Rebecca Zarger
      • May invite others depending on funds available
    • Officer Updates
      • Treasurer:
        • $800 for speaker
        • ~$400 left over from budget that we need to spend before the end of the semester
      • Faculty representative:
        • Tom Levy hire approved by department but tabled at University level for unknown reasons.
      • GSA representative:
        • $0.01 increase in tuition for GSA funds approved
        • Currently, how these funds will be used is unknown.
        • June Brawner is candidate for VP of the GSA.
        • Candidate meetup: Friday march 20th Creature Comforts at 5 pm.
        • General election dates are the 25th and 26th of March.
      • Mentor Program:
        • No updates
      • Website committee
        • We still need to have a meeting for this semester
        • April Smith will continue to work on website after her tenure as Secretary is complete.
      • AGSO Officer Elections
        • Will send e-mail calling for nominations soon.
        • Everyone is welcome to volunteer themselves or nominate others.
      • Future Trends In Department:
        • Questions were raised about shifting research priorities
        • Does the current focus on environmental anthropology cause less focus on keeping up to date with what is new with critical cultural anthropology? Are we as a department becoming out of touch?
        • Can we embrace the diversity in our field while still maintaining a focus on environmental anthropology?
        • Graduate students have the ability to influence departmental trends through Proseminar:
          • How to prepare for comps, etc.
          • More theoretical focus on critical theory
        • Graduate students can also exert influence by meeting with the department head/graduate coordinator
        • A top priority for AGSO in the coming years should be to create an agenda for future directions for the department.
        • The current cohort of AGSO officers will create an agenda to share with the upcoming cohort.

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