AGSO Meeting Minutes 4-23-15

Meeting Minutes 4-23-15; 12:00 – 1:00 pm


  •  Jacob Weger
  • Annie MacFadyen
  • Franchesca Judd
  • Dan Read
  • Robin Reid
  • Brent Vickers
  • April Smith
  • Carey Garland
  • Uddi Kalita
  • Amanda Sutton
  • Kat Napora
  • Walker DePuy



  • Have to reimburse Guest Speaker $650 even though the event was cancelled. $450 from T-shirt sales.
  • Left over funding to be allocated towards summer travel Due dat to apply for funding is April 24th
  • Next year more money towards travel and possibly funds towards conference registration.
  • Fundraising – department can collect money and disperse it.
  • Seventy-five dollars left over from administrative fees. Use for office supplies such as staplers, 3-hole punch and paper cutter for the graduate computer room.
  • Money allocated towards year-end party (see below)

 End of Year Party

  • Where: Dan Read’s house. When: April 1st 2015
  • $100 left over from budget to be allocated towards party food

Guest Speaker

  • Brian Marks is interested in rescheduling his trip in the fall.
  • Other speakers interested: Dr. Rebecca Zargar from USF.
  • Note for planning future guest speaker: need to plan earlier
  • Need to follow up with Dr. Marks and Dr. Zargar as well
  • Maybe we can allocate funds to have two guest speakers per year?

 Ecological and Environmental Anthropology Journal Good byes

  • Environmental/Ecological Anthropology Journal – UGA based peer reviewed journal that past AGSO members edited – went defunct in 2012
  • IT is taking down the website on May 1st and will archive it for a while
  • The journal is already structured and set up to restart if anybody wants to do so in the future.
  • Digital folder to be passed along to secretary and possibly archived on the AGSO website.
  • Email list serve so all students know about the end of the journal and its possible reincarnation if folks are interested.

AGSO Website

  • Need to continue re-vamping the website.
  • Some grad students have shown interest in helping.

AGSO Year-end Reflection: What was awesome and what needs to be improved.

  • Goat roast was awesome!
  • T-shirt sales for the SAS went well and we actually broke even.
  • In the future we should plan further ahead of time for guest speakers.
  • AGSO and fellow cohort provide a good support group for the extremely stressful life as a grad student – everyone needs to remember this!
  • Criticism: We need to get more people interested in AGSO. Travel funds could be an incentive. Need to appeal to faculty and various labs so that students are further encouraged to participate in AGSO.
  • Future Ideas: Post calendar of funding due dates on the AGSO website, especially obscure funding opportunities that people may not be aware of.
  • Back to school party in the fall: Faculty sponsor? Maybe go back to having it at Memorial park as was done in the past.

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