Meeting Minutes 11/12/2014

* Attendees:

  • Francesca Judd
  • April Dobbs
  • Amanda Sutton
  • Robin Reid
  • Russ Cutts
  • Jacob Weger
  • Jessie Dryer
  • Dan Read
  • John Hallemeier
  • Emily Horton
  • Uddipana Kalita
  • Walker Depuy

* Minutes:

  • Goat Roast:
    •  Issues:
      • Band – maybe just have 1 band next year
      • No theme – this was part of this problem for this year, may need to think of a theme for next year, another purpose.
      • Naming Alternatives: Anthrofest, Roast Beast and Home Brew Shindig, Chili cook-off and home brew competition?
  • Funds: $167, after $150 payed to band
    • $12 to Dan
    • $25 for Beer
    • $77 to Russ for other things
    • $70 left – contribute to party planning, travel funds, etc?
    • $400 for food in our budget, should have asked everyone to keep receipts to get re-reimbursed or food.
    • Will put funds towards travel budget

* Southern Anthropological Society:

  • Founded here at UGA 50 years ago.
  • 50th Anniversary Conference is at the GA center April 9 – 11th 2015, Student Cost for attendance is $70
  • Susan Tanner is a co-chair
  • Students could participate by:
    • Submitting abstracts
    • Form Panels
    • Gathering information about Athens for participants, local business discounts
    • Volunteers for working at conference.
    • Selling t-shirts/tote bags
    • Sort through abstract submissions
  • Selling T-shirts or Tote Bags
    • Logo: use what we have or make a competition – Call for submissions through AGSO

* Toastmaster:

  • International organization that promotes public speaking, teaching setting, usually fairly structured, Jessie thinks we should do this here to learn how to become better public speakers
  • Every two or three week meeting
  • We would have to apply to be a chapter – fee of $195, every week they send you a prompt and tell you want you will be judged on.
  • Jessie will send out an e-mail to gauge interest

* Guest Speaker

  • Submit suggestions to Francesca
  • Deadline for nominations: After Thanksgiving, end of thanksgiving break

* Media Outreach

  • Jen Demoss,
  • Creating an interactive map on the website to see where people do research
  • Linking to our wider UGA alumni network
  • Creating space for people to link to things they are reading
  • Space to promote upcoming events/deadlines
  • Main point: revamping the website, setting up facebook page DO before acceptances go out
  • Form committee & stay in communication with AGSO officers
  • Getting up a decent website is the most important

* Treasury:

  • Send receipts for reimbursement
  • Use $77 of cash for Russ for meat
  • Use food budget for snacks to meetings or provide food for speakers

* Fundraising:

  • Calendars with student travel photos

* Mentor Program:

  • No updates
  • Grad school panel.
  • The main point is to do 1 on 1s

* GSA:

  • No updates

* Faculty:

  • New department chair search, be prepared that there may be ramifications on how easy it is to get money (TAships)

* Holiday Party

  • On Reading Day, basically the only day where people are still here – Wednesday, December 10th
  • Two options:
    • Jen & Stefan’s house
    • Treppin house – had chili cookoff there, internal vote? Double check to see if would still be free
  • More chili will be brought if we host it at someone’s house instead of at a bar
  • Others have said that they would prefer to have parties hosted by AGSO at grad students houses/not at faculty homes because it is less formal.
  • Maybe reward winner with a reimbursement for their chili IF they keep receipts.
  • Picnic at beginning of the year?

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