Officer-Only Meeting Minutes 9/5/2014

* Attendees:

  • Jacob Weger
  • Francesca Judd
  • April Smith
  • Dan Read
  • Amanda Sutton
  • Robin Reid

* Budget proposal: $2475 requested

  •  Administrative costs: $75
  • Printing and Copying: $250
  • Publications for open access: $650
  • Guest Speakers: $800
  • Student Travel: $200
  • Rentals: $100
  • Other (including food): $400

* Fund Raising Ideas:

  • Charge $5 at the door for the goat roast, pay someone to play music, advertise to other departments
  • Make t-shirts or bags
  • Account – if we fundraise, we would need to get a bank account; non profit? Personal?

* Guest Speaker:

  • Potentially nominate someone to organize a speaker.
  • June’s suggestion:  The Jewelry Fund – invite an expert on some form of local knowledge on disappearing skills (foraging, flintknapping, etc.) June and Dr. Nazarea would like us to help nominate someone.

* Responsibilities:

  • October 26th, – 6:00pm – Forensic Anthropology Workshop with Dr. Reitsema

* Major Goals:

  • Goat roast –bigger, more official, etc.
  • Update AGSO Website – revamp the website, make it more of a useful resource.
    • Blog or forum people can post links to
    • Adding lab groups and bios based on lab groups
    • Page of links to various anthropology blogs
    • Alumni pages, publications – what are they doing now?
    • Committees – solicit help for updating the website
  • Guest speakers
  • Grants & TAship alternatives. – potentially add to the website
  • Meetings:
    • Make meetings more like a party
    • 1st meeting – October 2nd, Tuesday at 5:30 at Little Kings
      • ~1 month before the Goat Roast
  • Introduction at Proseminar: September 12

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