Meeting Minutes 9/30/2014

* Attendees:

  • Jacob Weger
  • Francesca Judd
  • April Smith
  • Dan Read
  • Robin Reid
  • Amanda Sutton
  • Russell Cutts
  • Walker DePuy
  • Danielle Jensen-Ryan

* Budget:

  • We got all the money that we requested: $2,100
  • Goat roast admission fee will be $5 per person
  • Constraints:
    • Admin costs: $75
    • Printing and copying: $250
    • Publication fees: $650
    • Guest speaker: $800
    • Student Travel: $200
    • Other: $400
    • Rentals: $100

* Guest Speakers:

  • Suggestion:
  • Roach from Harvard
  • Robby Ethridge
  • Schedule:
    • End of October –  Solicit Submissions
    • End of November (before Thanksgiving) – Accept a Nominee

* Fundraising:

  • Sell pictures of fieldwork in frames
    • Potentially for Christmas Party
    • Need to make a budget for this idea + schedule
    • Russell Cutts will take the lead on this project

*Goat Roast:

  • Goat: not stone butchery, local purchase of previously butchered goat
  • Budget for goat Roast, if it will be a potluck too
  • Workshop: Flint knapping area will be set up
  • Food:
    • Ask for volunteers to bring food
    • Russell: will handle roasting of the meats
    • AGSO will bring other food:
      • Francesca will organize
    • Ask people to bring food, if there are gaps, then AGSO will fill them
    • IF they schedule in advance, we waive the $5 fee
    • Francesca will send out an e-mail this week that will solicit volunteers
  • Two entrances, so may have to take shifts
  • Minimum suggested donation of $5
  • Band:
    • Nate Hale has volunteered to play
    • Two Bands? Ask June and John
  • Volunteer Assignments:
    • Collect cover charge
    • Set up and clean up
    • Sign up list in the same e-mail
    • AGSO should be there to help set up at 4
  • Camping: People can camp at the goat roast too
  • Rentals:
    • Port-a-potty
  • Drinks:
    • Supplied by AGSO:
      • 2 X 25 gallons of home brew will be at the party
    • Guests can also bring:
      • Other beer/alcoholic beverages if desired
      • Non-alcoholic drinks

* GSA:

  • Grad students need to be aware of cancellation of summer commencement.
  • Lack of participation and other schools do not have it
  • 85% OF PhD STUDENTS GRADUATE IN THE SUMMER, IF YOU HAVE 160 people, 120 are walking on average
  • GSA also wants to collaborate to bring back a hooding ceremony for summer
  • We should solicit opinions from  anthropology graduate students about hooding ceremony, when they plan to graduating, if they plan to walk
    • Amanda Sutton can then report back to GSA
    • November deadline

* Other Goals:

  • Website:
    • Volunteers: April Smith
    • Jacob Weger will solicit other volunteers to work on the website
  • Budget:
    •  Where do we put fundraising money? A bank?
    • Dan Read will investigate
  • Phone Tree:
    • Francesca: phone tree – volunteered other AGSO officers for this.
  • Christmas Party:
    • Dr. Jen Birch has volunteered to host party

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