1.24.14 AGSO General Meeting


Jacob (President)

Emily (Treasurer)

Franchesca (Faculty Rep)

Michael (Vice President)






  1. Officer updates on activities.

  2. Discussion of objectives of semester




1. Treasurer Update:


A. Tad was compensated for goat.

B. Tentative speaker funding from AGSO $450. That can be increased to $500 if Russ does not provide receipt for the portable lavatory at the goat roast.


2. Faculty Rep Update:


A. Faculty meeting is Feb 4.

i. The letter concerning our interest in being allowed to speak at faculty meetings looks good

ii. We need to develop what Fran is going to say at the meeting. Simply updates on AGSO activities or a transmission of student concerns.

iii. We can solicit student views or concerns through general meetings and through email since students don’t always show up to the general meetings.

B. Franchesca is still working on the directory of students in order to coordinate student visits. The cultural section needs to be furthered developed into sub-groups.

3.  Where/when to have meetings?

– We can head to a bar on a weekday night or a post-prosem opportunity.


4. GSA Rep:

Jacob reads a letter from Danielle: She describes her role on the GSA student fees committee.  Attempting to decrease special interests fee. Danielle can represent AGSO student interests to the GSA.


5. Vice-President Update:

A. Check with Victoria to ensure that president information is updated with student organizations.

6. Semester Objectives:

  • End of year party, visitation of Carlos Garcia-Quijano, attendance of student fees committee meeting with president, creation of cabinet position for mentee program, shadow program for future members of AGSO.


A. For shadow programs: Could make elections earlier in April so that newcomers have some chance to volunteer, learn, and get excited about the AGSO life.  – Especially for GSA and faculty rep positions.


B. Possibly vote at next meeting in order to add a permanent position to the AGSO board (Mentor Program).


C. Emily suggests that we have a more effective method for institutional memory.

i. Each AGSO rep can create a one page description for each position to guide new members.


D. Web master/Social Media/ PR Position

i. Jacob reminds everyone of the AGSO blog’s existence: Eanth.wordpress.com

ii. Potential to create new position to deal with social media, the website, and just generally create more interest among students. A multimedia and PR position.

E. Jon suggests to change constitution to allow the cabinet to assign positions such as faculty rep, gsa rep, and potential webmaster/mentee positions.


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