AGSO officer meeting: Friday, January 10 2014


1)   Reflect on Xmas party

2)   Updates from officers – Emily, Danielle, Franchesca

3)   Other items, objectives for coming semester

4)   New president transition

5)   Scheduling regular meetings



1) Danielle will write a thank you card to Julie.

– Maybe next time increase help for Julie/host? (If she wants)

2) Updates

A. Emily – Still have $800 in the banco.

i.     Paying for the goat ($150) – majorly complicated. Next time may be better to just raise funds from among students.

ii.     $544.89 remaining, after reimbursing Julie for party food money.

iii.     Because using student fees, we are required to send out an announcement publicizing our event. Important that it sounds justifiable re: budget.

B. Danielle – Yet to have January GSA meeting – probably at end of Jan. Danielle still planning to serve on student fee committee. We need to encourage everyone (AGSO) to come to the meeting with Pres. Morehead. Danielle will let us know beforehand –pushing to decrease special institution fees.

C. Franchesca – Jan faculty meeting à Feb 5. LaBau got us on the agenda – 5 min or so. Danielle drafted letter. Will get sent to Gragson, LaBau. What would we like Franchesca to speak about? Will discuss at our next meeting.

i.     $400? for Carlos Garcia-Quijano?

3) Other items/objectives

–       Danielle would like to carry over her position next year. Should get a GSA apprentice. We can begin to mentor positions for the coming year.

–       At open meetings – publicizing future potential goals/roles/

–       E.g. What about bringing the journal back?

–       Need to publicize – before the open meetings – that we have two channels of representation (to faculty and to GSA) if people have concerns – they should come to the meetings and share

–       Short video clip promoting AGSO involvement?

–       Spending AGSO money on toner was perceived as a waste; don’t need to do that again for a while. Should have a quota for printing paper – control usage before we fund paper, toner again. Get Jason involved. Never more than 50% of budget (if that!)

–       Probably about $500 for a speaker – travel, hotel, usually no charge for speaking

–       Need to make sure to use up all the money in our budget this year.

–       à offer $500 for speaker, will have ~$50 left over for party.

–       In future, cap party budgets at $50.

–       If Russell gets receipt for Port-a-potty, we won’t have that $50 (total of $494).

–       Re: prospective grad students “committee.” Franchesca will put together an “email tree” and send email soliciting volunteers to be “point of contact” for each sub-discipline – to coordinate visiting prospective students.

4) New Pres…

–       Jacob nominated, Victoria will send an email to AGSO

–       Michael will step in to take meeting minutes

5) Next meetings.

–       Open meeting – week of Jan 24th

–       Officer meeting before Feb 5th (faculty meeting)

–       Jacob will coordinate/schedule (for open meeting – set date and whoever is available can attend)


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