AGSO Officer Meeting – Friday December 6, 2013

In Attendance:

Michael Lonneman

Danielle Jensen-Ryan

Frachesca Judd

Emily Horton

Jacob Weger


1. Holiday Party

2. Budget – Money

3. Victoria’s gone – new president?

4. GSA

5. Student-Faculty liaison?


1)   Holiday party

  1. Michael will send out invites
  2. We will take responsibility assisting with set-up, cleanup.


2)   Money/Budget


–       We have 20% (not 25%) to spend on food.

–       Goat will be covered as “educational materials.”

–       So, we have $160 left over for food (hopefully).

–       We will give $80 for holiday party food.


3)   What to do about new president?

  1. Any obligation to replace president? What is that process?
  2. Next semester: regular meetings (both execs and caucus meetings), with agendas
  3. Contact CSO about procedure for replacing president half-way through year. Michael will contact.


4)   GSA

  1. Danielle is on Student Fee committee – hoping to file a report this year about grad student fees. UGA makes $36 million from ‘special institution fee’.
  2. Because of Danielle, anthropology has a strong presence at GSA right now!
  3. We need to show support at meeting in the spring when Pres. Morehead will be there.
  4. If anybody has concerns about grad student experience, should tell Danielle and she will bring those up to GSA.


5)   Student-Faculty Rep position

  1. Franchesca’s role will become more active – speaking up for AGSO, grad student body. A neutral, ombudsman-like role.
  2. We will write a letter to the faculty describing this role. Franchesca and Danielle will get together to write letter next week.


Next officer meeting: Friday, January 10 at 2:00 pm.


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