AGSO Meeting Thursday 10/17/13




Emily (Treasurer)

Michael (Veep)



Vic (Presidente)






Jen DeMoss

Jacob (Secretary)



1. Quality of Life survey – Russell and Laura have met and discussed survey.

8 different sections so far, covering a wide variety of topics. Timeline: finalize questions by end of semester, survey by the end of break, issue by early spring.


2. November 1st Party

Workshop – Anyone who wants to learn can join (no need for “trigger” people)

Make shish-kabobs, rice?

Butchering part probably the most useful/interesting for people

Time? Lithics/butchering workshop at 3 PM, marinating at 4, eating at 6-7. Party starting around 5:30, but people can come anytime.

Will need to have people sign waiver for making stone tools(!)

Budget? – As food. Goat probably ~$100-120. We have $200 total to use for food (25% of total budget)

Rent port-a-potty – $50

Who will we invite? Faculty and ICON students.

Bring: donation (for home-brewed beer) or food/drink –> potluck/ bring side dishes; folding chairs/tables, a tent if you want to camp.

Jen will send invite email

There are leftover plates/dishes from last year – Jen will check

Amanda and Hannah will take care of buying veggies (for shish kabobs) and rice (keep receipts – will be reimbursed from food budget).

Volunteers to help set up? Jacob, Amanda, Patti, Rich, Jen, Jon, Michael, Emily, Vic


3. AAAs: We have a van, will be leaving Wednesday morning – returning Sunday afternoon. Linda is also driving, may have extra room.


4. Danielle can bring anyone’s complaints (except re: fees) to GSA – just let her know.


5. Speakers for Prosem next semester – let Jen know if there’s anyone you’re interested in, or any content you’d like to include. (Russell Bernard is too expensive.)

How much money can we use to invite people?

à $400 for a speaker, leaves $150 of budget leftover.


6. Next meeting: we need to vote on having a “database officer.”

Jon has been taking an inventory of all that is in the ANTH-Share grad student folder

Does he have permission to manage this database, edit it, clean it up, publicize it? à Get this on the faculty meeting agenda, to find out. Franchesca?

Then solicit feedback from students about what we want of this database.


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