AGSO meeting minutes – Thursday 09/26/2013

In attendance:


Jacob Weger (Secretary)

Danielle Jensen-Ryan (GSA rep)

Michael Lonneman (VP)

Victoria Ramenzoni (La Sra. Presidente)


Matt Colvin

Kat Napora

Jon Hallemeier

Karen Allen

Laura Tilghman

Dan Read

Tad Brown

Russell Cutts

Jen DeMoss


1. Faculty Representative

– AGSO should present to faculty meeting; once/semester or every time? Let’s shoot for each time. (Danielle will email.)


2. If anyone wants to become a mentor or learn more, ask Susannah Chapman. It’s a great program!


3. Recap of AGSO activities last year:

–       Standard of living survey

–       Parties

–       Organize speaker – paid fees

–       Added mentor program

–       Printer paper and toner


4. Ideas for future:

–       More involvement w/ grad student org to get more money

–       Get professional organization membership

–       Act as liaison between faculty and grad students in dept

–       Question about how to attract/retain more students

Re: general “malaise” survey à Quality of life

–       Survey those who dropped out. What pushes people to drop out vs. stick around in program

–       Quality of life

–       Should not be phrased as what’s wrong, but what we can do to make it better? Improvements? – Everyone send at least two questions to Russ + Laura, they will compile, revise survey. Get at positive and negative, looking for “best practices.” Franchesca will be able to deliver the information to faculty in Feb or March.


5. Goat roast? à Pagan Halloween party. Friday, Nov. 1 at Russell’s.

–       Educational activities: crafting lithics

–       Jen + Matt will send email invite


6. Budget: only $800 this year

–       20% can be used for food

–       Toner and paper perceived as a misuse of funds

–       For conferences, can only use money to pay for people who are presenting

–       Why do we still pay for speakers, since there is now a department speaker series? – we can talk to Bram about who we would like to get

–       *We should find out why printer supplies perceived as misuse of funds

–       We could do fundraisers – but why do we want to increase our funds?

–       Maybe we could use our funds to contribute/help other institutions, other places in the world

–       Turn AGSO into a for-profit venture?

–       Do educational activities – community outreach? (Kat and Karen are on this)

–       Van for AAAs, gas à Department should pay (Michael and Tad)

–       Use money for workshops and trainings? (e.g. methods experts from Fla); can combine forces with related depts. – sociology, geography, ICON

–       Bringing alumni is good because cheap! (or via Skype)


7. Database

–       Anth Share folder has lots of useful information, e.g. endnote libraries, annotated bibs – Combine into database

–       Could be thematic

–       How make sure it’s updated? – AGSO position: ‘Database Manager’

–       Online, or shared folder on campus computers?

–       Needs to be a statement about ethics of use, plagiarism, etc.

–       Jon’s on it!


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