AGSO Meeting minutes – 08-12-13

AGSO meeting

Monday, 12 August 2013

2:30 – 3:30 PM


In attendance:

Victoria Ramenzoni (President)

Emily Horton (Treasurer)

Franchesca Judd (Faculty Rep)

Jacob Weger (Secretary)



1. Budget

–       Parties – welcome party (goat!), Xmas (no chili cook-off this year?);

No renting a space for Xmas party (sb want to host in their house?) – where? Rent a space from UGA? Then can’t drink. Request: ($250/party) à $750 total

–       Travel to conferences – we should try to match dept funds – at least 6 conferences (AAA, SfAA, Archeo, DOPE, AAG, Physical). Request à $2000

–       Supplies – paper, furniture, coffee maker

–       Futureshorts film festival (potential: interdisciplinary, promoting department) – $600? (may recoup some of this back)

–       Inviting speakers (2 alumni, 1 outside)

–       Professional development – skills-based need? i.e. Stats, photography, etc.  — we can subsidize (make a yearly recurring budget for this, to be used flexibly based on need, demand)

–       ‘Holistic health’? – Need to define this further, propose more clearly; how to operationalize?


2. Ombudsman between students and faculty

–       Find external party to do that, we can be the liaison, focus more on protecting our students and their rights


Next time

–       Discussion re: graduate student union, assistantship salaries


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