AGSO Meeting minutes 2-8-13

AGSO Meeting Minutes 2-8-13

In attendance

Dean Hardy, President

Jennifer DeMoss, Vice-President

Jillian Sico, Secretary

Debby Sadler, Treasurer

Danielle Jensen-Ryan, Faculty Rep

Victoria Ramenzoni

Jess Ham


1. Ed Carr is coming next week

– Jen sent around schedule for when he can talk to people

– Jen is responsible for carting him around

– Jess will introduce him at proseminar

– food costs, snacks – faculty speakers committee might be able to take care of it

– lunch at Last Resort

  • 3 people signed up already
  • Jen will make a reservation

2. Cost of living survey

– Danielle and Dean are meeting with Ted and Bram next Friday before faculty meeting February 27th

– will include additional items:

  • estimated cost of living (from UGA grad school)
  • how much $ we bring in as grad students from former review
  • Victoria is a hunter-gatherer (just kidding)

– could include:

  • a suggestion to limit number of TAs and increase pay
  • Vic: says grad school will not allow this
  • Dean: will talk to Ted and Bram about it
  • could limit undergrad TAs
  • discussion about TA work load
  • undergrad TAs were taken on because of lack of grad student labor
  • good to have ideas, but really this is responsibility of faculty

3. Anthropology student journal

– it is dead; nobody wants to work on it

– 1st years already have a difficult time; senior students should run journal

  • senior students could mentor new students who are interested

– Vic will send out a final email

– is this really the responsibility of AGSO?

  • tied to AGSO, but an officer doesn´t need to take charge

– is department willing to invest money in this?

  • faculty advisor or RAship?

4. February 28 conference, Dimensions of Political Ecology, in Kentucky

– 9 people going from our department

– money has already been allocated

5. Mentor program

– there was a meeting this morning, 2/8

– status update (from Susannah):

  • tentative schedule for panel discussions:
  1. meet-and-greet
  2. finding calling in anthropology
  3. future steps post-graduation
  4. applying to graduate school

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