AGSO Meeting Minutes 1-11-13

AGSO Meeting Minutes 1-11-13


In attendance:


Dean Hardy, President

Jen DeMoss, Vice-President

Jillian Sico, Secretary

Danielle Jensen-Ryan, Faculty Rep

Frachesca Judd, GSA Rep

Paris Harper

Michael Lonnemann

Susanahh Chapman

Victoria Ramenzoni




1. Cost of living survey Report to Faculty

– If you want to provide comments, write it down and give to Dean

– need to mention:

a – salary has not increased with cost of living

b –

– can give presentation to others; provide model to other departments

– should sit down with faculty before faculty meeting?

– LaBau, Bram and/or Ted

– institutional fee

– can´t really argue against it, but can state that it is unfair

– graphs

– they are awesome; standardize them


2. Mentoring Program

– what is the time commitment?

– it varies, depends on participant

– can be research based; this can be more time-intensive

– meetings may be only once a month

– when is the next meeting?

– early February(ish), after we get applications in

– will send out to AGSO

– mentor program coordinator – proposed amendment to AGSO constitution

– need to get 2/3 support

– Dean will send out an email to AGSO


3. Ed Carr is coming

– grad students to meet with him?

– Julie may have a lab meeting with him

– Jen will take care of paperwork; Jess taking care of communication

– schedule of 30 minute blocks

– might be other funding sources on campus if total will be more than $500


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