AGSO Meeting 12/4/12

AGSO Meeting 12/4/2012

In attendance:

Dean Hardy, President

Jen DeMoss, Vice-President

Debby Sadler, Treasurer

Jillian Sico, Secretary

Danielle Jensen-Ryan, Faculty Rep

Sakura Evans

Susannah Chapman



1. Faculty presentation of cost-of-living survey

2. Undergraduate-graduate mentoring, creation of officer position

3. Extending officer terms

4. Christmas party

5. Heather Gallivan – loan forbearance



1. Faculty presentation of cost-of-living survey

– discussion of presentation details

  • income, expenses, debt presented as bar graphs and box plots
  • income is compared to debt and expenses
  • avg expenses are greater than income – problem!!
  • even a small increase in income would greatly reduce % of people who are in this “red zone”
  • difference shown between RAs and TAs; avg TA is in “red zone” by over $300

– fees

  • long discussion about fees; what is this “institutional fee”?
  • fees are third expense after food and rent/utilities

– debt

  • half of us have debt

– * send comments on presentation to Danielle before 2/27/13

– what is anticipated outcome of faculty presentation?

  • two main discussion points:
  • 1. institutional fee is hurting people; getting rid of it would significantly improve quality of life.
  • 2. what can we do to improve quality of life?
  • expected outcomes
  • 1. all faculty will be aware of problems
  • 2. equip faculty with hard data to present to grad school
  • other goals / long-term vision
  • 1. student open forum with Maureen Grasso, with faculty; GSA did a similar presentation last year to Board of Regents; show that anthro external funding is greater than other depts.

– will discuss further at next AGSO meeting

2. Mentoring

– Susannah: can we create a permanent position for mentoring program in AGSO?

– Vote: AGSO is interested in this?

  • 7 out of 7 present support this motion

– According to constitution we now need to get 2/3 support from all non-provisional members

– We will now send out an email for members to vote

3. Officer terms

– 27 people voted

– 23 are in favor of constitutional amendment to change officer terms to fall and to extend current officer terms

– we need 30 in favor

– VOTE NOW – otherwise we need to hold elections now and get 1st years in here ASAP!

4. Christmas party

– yes it is still happening Wednesday at 7pm at , so make your chili and come to Treppenhaus

– Jen is sending reminder email about Christmas party TODAY

5. Loan forbearance

– Heather wants UGA to report that we are still students during field work

– should be a tuition waiver or something similar

– will talk more at future meeting with better attendance


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