AGSO Open Meeting Minutes 11/2/12

In attendance:

Dean Hardy – president
Jillian Sico – secretary
Debby Sadler – treasurer
Danielle Jensen-Ryan – faculty rep
Franchesca Judd – student rep

Susannah Chapman
Aaron Lenihan
Sam Boring
Walker DePuy
Emily Horton
Karen Allen


1. Grad student symposium
– other departments: learn what other students are doing, good opportunity to put together presentation of research
– need 4-5 people committed to symposium, led by Dean
– maybe can get $ from student activities etc. for catering
– 1/2 day or whole day
– good idea, but do we have the momentum to get it going?
– we used to have a grad student journal
– there is still interest

2. Invited speaker
– Ed Carr at USC, nominated by Jess Ham, is coming
– research is on development
– Bram wants date for lecture by Wednesday; Jen is responsible for this
– holding mid February through mid March prosem slots
– Dean (?) will send out Carr articles to AGSO before talk

3. Long-term field work bias of university
– we should make this an issue for the faculty
– explanation: you have to enroll for hours to be considered a student, which includes tuition and fees. for field work, either have to enroll or take a leave of absence, but you only get 3 of these for graduate career. student loans are back in payment after 6 months, no student insurance, etc.
– can’t apply for student awards, assistantships if you aren’t an enrolled student
– there are ways to do it; have to plan in advance
– Susannah will write something up about this
– prosem in spring: invite Susannah, others to talk about some of these issues

4. Elections
– officer terms currently begin Jan 1st
– motion, Dean: change terms to match fiscal year, which begins in July 1st
– Karen, 2nd
– original reason for change was to get 1st years involved
– 1st years could get involved by attending meetings, getting elected in March or April
– unanimous vote to switch term to begin July 1st
– current officers: extend terms or elect new people in January?
– unanimous vote to extend terms of current officers to end of spring semester

5. Holiday party
– reading day is December 5th, a Wednesday
– could do Friday December 7th, but there are some finals scheduled on the 8th; Friday is better for people with kids
– where? Hendershot’s, Transmet, Globe. Last two you can’t bring food. we need to have a chili cookoff. at someone’s house?
– will continue talking over email

6. Cost of living survey
– income ranges from 10,000 to 30,000
– type of assistance – 20% need based loan, 32% unsubsidized or plus loan, 60% tuition remission, 28% RA 56% TA, 12% external funding
– rest of results will be distributed to AGSO after close of survey
– results will be reported at faculty meeting
– fees have changed since last year

7. Graduate-undergraduate mentoring
– Susannah: is there interest? trying to get it running. Contact Susannah if interested.


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