AGSO Meeting Minutes 8/17/12

In attendance: Dean Hardy, President; Jen DeMoss, Vice-President; Debby Sadler, Treasurer; Jillian Sico, Secretary; Danielle Jensen-Ryan, Faculty Rep; Franchesca Judd, GSA Rep.

Old Agenda Items:

Faculty and GSA meetings
– Minutes from these meetings should be reported to AGSO listserv
– Danielle will be unavailable; Franchesca will cover first faculty meeting
– when are GSA meetings? Franchesca will find out

Cartridges and paper
– Where are they? Jen will find out
– allocate paper equally to grad students?
– log in or sign up each time you print?

– decision made not to allocate paper or require login

Funding allocation
– we were only allocated $750
– how do we want to use it?
– $250 for parties; $500 for the rest
– traveling to conferences? need to be presenting
– Jen: ropes course?
– paying for AAA membership, or discount
– inviting a speaker?
– Debby: anthro t-shirts
– Jillian can design t-shirt w/ input of grad students
– Debby will get quote
– VOTE: use $ for speaker, and what’s left over put toward travel grants

Speaker nominations
– Jess Ham nominated Ed Carr already.
– Jen: ethnobotanist from U of Florida
– Who wants to organize call for nominations and invitation?
– Jen will solicit nominations

Financial / cost of living survey of Anth grad students
– Dean will have this ready by the end of August with the input of all AGSO officers

New Agenda Items:

Officer term periods
– Do we want to extend officer terms this time by ½ year so that they match funding and academic year cycles?
– VOTE: yes, extend to spring
– can talk to 1st years and invite to meetings through spring
– Dean will report this decision

Prosem requirement
– transportation fee ($109) can’t be waived if registered for ANTH 9005
– Cannot sign up for directed reading and attend prosem (Dr. Gragson says)
– drop ends Monday the 20th, add ends Tuesday the 21st.

Long-term field work bias of university
– Have to enroll to be “student”
– If you take a leave of absence:
– hurts those w financial aid bc counts against their 6 mo. grace period
– can’t get insurance
– have to register after 2 semesters and pay fees
– Used to be okay with letter from grad coordinator
– How do we address this? Who can look into it?
– Debby will put together a document with all facts
– add issue to cost of living survey
– AGSO members can meet with Dr. Gragson about issue

Grad student symposium
– how many students are there in Anthro?
– ½ day? whole day? can funds be used for this event?
– need organizers

Getting teaching experience
– Jillian will look into how it is in other departments, why it is different here.


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