AGSO meeting minutes 4/20

Agso open meeting


In attendance:

Dean Hardy – president
Jen DeMoss – vice president
Debby Sadler – treasurer
Jillian Sico – secretary
Franchesca Judd – graduate student liason
Paris Harper


1 – Minutes reporting from Faculty and GSA meetings
2 – New AGSO website. Suggestions?
3 – Funding allocation/ budget for upcoming year
4 – Printer in computer lab, do we want to fund it?
5 – Speaker nominations
6 – Financial / cost of living survey of Anth grad students
7 – Graduate student symposium interest?

Minutes reporting

– we should be taking minutes for faculty and GSA meetings

AGSO website

– website is on wordpress;
– current content: officers, about/constitution/etc., announcements, resources
– should website duties be formally assigned to an officer?
– could we set it up with a message board to replace AGSO emails?
– email notifications for message board?
– dean can keep doing it for now
– secretary: post minutes on website
– content possibilities: successful grant proposals, helpful info

Funding allocation/budget

– we asked for $2,750 from student fees allocation
– how much is available for party?
– lots! but don’t spend too much in one semester
– there are organizational rules for funding allocation online; can’t give travel money unless someone is presenting
– if money is left over, can use it for any allowed expenses
– what can we use money for?
– renting spaces, speakers
– suggestions: one speaker a semester; travel money for conferences
– conferences best for 2nd/3rd year students doing posters or presenting; only applies to students who are paying fees
– money for AAA fees? we should ask GSA

Printer in computer lab

– printer in computer lab currently has no paper/ink
– who is responsible? jason?
– someone needs to buy reams of paper; about $35 for 10 reams
– printer is currently on pay-for-print
– if AGSO uses funding for printer, worried about amount of $ for paper/ink
– debby will find out how much it costs (paper/toner)
– will also wait to see how much we’re allocated from franklin
– why doesn’t each lab have a printer?
– students responsible for buying toner/paper for printers
– can AGSO reimburse?
– not fair for all student fee money to go toward some labs
– who would be responsible for maintenance?
– AGSO officers
– should it be a designated duty?
– vice-president (Jen)

Speaker nominations

– Paige West (Columbia)
– Ed Carr (USC)
– Rebecca Harden & Arun Agrawal (Michigan)
– better someone local; have to pay for flight, hotel, arrange meetings, etc.

Financial/cost of living survey

– don’t need IRB approval
– office of financial aid has a good survey; we can use similar q’s w/ survey monkey
– dean will draft and send to officers for feedback

Field research

– when we’re in the field, we have to request a leave of absence, and only have a 6 month grace period on loans
– why did it change? can it be changed back?
– talk to GSA
– do other depts have this problem?
– ecology, sociology; could contact these depts
– jen can follow up

Graduate student symposium

– goal for next spring (2013); february or early march
– invite incoming/prospective students
– can’t get food funding from AGSO
– fundraiser possibility? sell t-shirts?
– can department pay for it?
– abstract submission deadline (late november)
– undergrads can do posters


– BOWLING PARTY!!! week after next


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